Moonlake’s Lyrics (24)

I’m rushing for the finishing line with the second part of my serial story for the ePub so it’s lyrics time again. It’s a love song sung together by George Lam and Sally Yip (who eventually married each other and are still married now) but I think it has much wider applications as it touches upon themes such as seeking and searching, staying in the moment versus thinking for the long term, following your heart etc. The title of the song roughly translates to “It’s still love at separation”.


The lyrics are:

(F) Wind             having blown through ten thousand miles of sand            having crossed my path

Having touched you on your travel                          maybe just because within both our eyes

There are the shadows of loneliness


(M) Walking       the direction is that way               it is I who am searching

For you who are also searching                  it’s late                 half dreaming or half awake

A certain type of emotional stirring won’t be able to be articulated anymore


(F) Hard to say should or should not        loving deeply with you at this moment

Pondering whether there is a future to love whilst one is travelling


(M) Hard to say should or should not      loving without restrain with you at this moment

If you stop by my road                   whether you would still be you


(F) Drifting          drifting through the first half of my life who knows which direction I will drift to

Ultimately the sound of tears and laughter          will only last a moment


(M) No                 don’t ask for results        tomorrow looking back to everything today with you


(F&M) Will we smile or cry bitterly           ultimately this night        is more important for us to cherish


*(F) Who still cares about should or should not  one only needs to be loving deeply at this moment

Given that one is travelling          there is no way to ascertain the future

(M) Who still cares about should or should not   one only needs to be loving without restrain at this moment

There are too many paths on this world                                where it’s still love at separation


Repeat * but duet this time


(F&M) Who still cares about should or should not             one only needs to be loving deeply at this moment

There are too many paths on this world                                where it’s still love at separation

Moonlake’s Lyrics (23)

I recently heard this song on a game show and thought I would the share the following lyrics that celebrate friendship. The title of the song is simply “Friend”.


Here goes:

*All these years                all by myself

Passed through winds   walked through rains

Having had tears              having made mistakes

Still remember what to persevere for

Having genuinely loved                                 only then do I understand

One will get lonely                           will look back

I still have a dream                          I still have you

In my heart


#Friends walking together for a lifetime

We don’t have those days anymore

One spoken sentence   a lifetime

A lifetime of affection    a cup of wine

My friend            I’ve never been lonely

You will understand when I say my friend

There’s still wounds        there’s still hurt

One still has to go on      there’s still me


Repeat *###


One spoken sentence   a lifetime

A lifetime of affection    a cup of wine

Moonlake’s Lyrics (22)

Today I want to share the lyrics of a song sung by one of my favourite HK actors who is also a singer. The title of the song is called “Have never possessed” and I like it because it feels like a reflection on life by a protagonist to me and I really like the ending.

Here it is:

Have never possessed                  Never ceasing to struggle in this life

Do you know that I                          forever lacks freedom?

Have never possessed                  And emptiness is never ending

Taking over everything


Have never possessed                  There happens to be an abyss between me and happiness

How to take issue with                  witnessing the passing one’s most loved?

Have never possessed                  I am only suited to a life time of sadness

Which will overshadow the few wisps of love I have


*Who makes reality constantly push me every second?

Who makes you strive hard without rest?

Tears dripping onto my heart

And yet smiling whilst struggling to contain my sadness

For the purpose of survival humans have to have courage to fight to the utmost

To accommodate such a poignantly sad tempo

So that when recounting the past in the future

There is no need to regret the past


Have never possessed                  One never ceases to lose and owe debts in this life

How does one                                   erase every bit of hatred and sadness?

Have never possessed                  A life time of happiness and laughs have ended

I turn and walk away                      Not regretting the past

P.S. I’ve neglected this blog again for two weeks because I’m trapped in yet another round of revision for my short story Thread. So today is another ‘big giveaway day’ when I’m going to post up two posts in compensation.

Moonlake’s Lyrics (21)

The last three weeks saw me mostly mired in all kinds of promotion activities for the epub and now it’s time to catch up with the actual writing. So while I could have blogged about something more substantial, unfortunately I have to take the slack approach of doing a lyrics post again for this week. The next week will probably be the same but we will see.


The lyrics below is for the song titled “Men and Women”, the theme song for a HK TV series about the struggles within the Emperor’s “back court” or his many wives. It goes as follows:

Half awake from dreams, I just realise it’s so cold
What is love? Merely being among moaning winds and bitter rain
Bleeding, with red eyes, no matter how many extra turns are made
Even though I will wake up from drunkenness tomorrow the hungover will not recede


*A common couple is ultimately no fun
Yet does that make shouting, crying and tussling right
Why is it that I don’t mind following into a fierce fire
Tell me, this life has been waking up and then falling drunk again
Asking Heavens how many happy men and women there are


I tremble, your mouth has a bit of warmth but is still cold
Sinking, sinking amongst the black hair besides my pillow
Knowing it’s wrong, powerless to rectify things, let love dominate this moment
Why need us worry about happiness or unhappiness, crying or laughing, meeting or parting


Repeat * 2 times

Moonlake’s Lyrics (20)

Almost couldn’t make it today as I was rushing to finish off my solo story for issue 1 of the epub. We are rushing to the finishing line now, 90-95% there on all stories except this one I’m wrapping up today. So today’s post will have to be another lyric post.


The following song is a Cantonese pop duet sung by Anita Mui who had already passed away, I really liked her husky voice for one who often appreciates the lyrics more than the tune. The title of the song is called “The heart is still cold”. As you can tell from the title, it’s a bit of a morose song but has a somewhat positive ending. By the way, if you feel a sense of déjà vu about the lyrics, that’s because I used it as a writing prompt earlier for my Random Writing series. It goes as follows:

(F) Seen through all the cold stares          My heart is used to them and do not sigh for them

Cold laughter seemingly dissipate            suppressing the brilliance within my dreams

Love is like cold rain that intermittently comes back and forth

Making me experiencing enough of coming together and drifting apart so I frequently walk alone now


(M) Having loved and hurt also                  because depression loves to lean on me exclusively

Cold arrows pounce on me                          even though I’ve fallen down on my behinds all by myself

A love that will accompany one to old age is ultimately rare

Love often plays tricks on me                     I am passing through amidst stumbles and falls


(F&M) Still caring about you a lot              but my heart hurts

Cannot help passing off love to another in the final end

The cold night is long and deep                  dream is deeper

One is gradually used to continuing drifting along the path of love

(Tomorrow I continue to drift along the path of love)


(F&M) The star dust in the sky is like eyes that secretly weep

As if weeping for the lost youth that hasn’t returned

Now alone (I) silently sigh

Endless indifference and coldness are already left on the roads.

Moonlake’s Lyrics (19)

If you are one of my followers, you probably can tell that I’m getting slack again. Whenever I do, I post up a set of lyrics or dig up some old pieces of random writing that I did. Sadly, I’ve run down most of my stock save for a very few.


Now, the man reason I like the following set of lyrics is probably because it goes so well with the TV drama for which it is the theme song. The protagonist is an ‘ugly’ woman: well she’s a beauty faking to be an ugly maiden and then a magician (not Gandalf magician, modern magician but story is set in ancient China) comes along and swaps her head with her childhood friend who really is ugly so she becomes ugly. It’s a love story of course as you will see from the lyrics below.


Anyway, the title of the song is “The Price of Love” and the lyrics goes as follows:

If eyes can separate right from wrong

Right at this moment                      have you seen through me clearly?

The honesty hidden in the bottom of my heart

How do I harnest it to compose a love song with you that will last a thousand year?


Judging me from my social position

A female like me              would you love her deeply?

If appearances make people fall for the wrong person

How do I make you look closer at me      so that you will see me true


Let’s Cry

I don’t know how to lie and cheat            don’t you know my goodness?

I still believe that honesty is me and my deep love still hasn’t changed


Come                    See for yourself

It’s not scary to use up a whole life

Even using up this life    no begrudging   no regrets           no hatred

This is the price of love

Moonlake’ Lyrics (18)

Today is the last day of my ‘chilling out’ from the epub venture so I lost myself in chat for the most of today. So here’s another set of lyrics. It is a song sung together by a male and a female. The title of the song is called “Effective medicine that tastes bitter”. Consistent with the song title, there are many metaphorical references to Chinese medicine terminologies and it basically tells the story of a couple that didn’t make it.


Here goes:

(F) No lights        still people around          it is considered good luck if we hugged before

Even if we are patients we’ve hung on for so long that the tea have become bitter and then the bitter tea have turned back into sweetness in aftertaste


(M) So glad         a fortunate one                                learnt to be content with one’s lot after losing love

The attraction you left behind in the past have all risen above themselves and become the key ingredient of a medicine


*(F) Never mind that your kiss yesterday                             have made scars out of me

Happiness become cruelty                                          it still left a lasting impact on me

(M) Having shared the flaw of falling in love        don’t wait for pity anymore

(F&M) That pain in the past is like the Ten Commandments         prompting you and me to strive for rebirth


#(M) After driving a bitter concoction a sweet candy will be given to me                (F) the cure for the past works

(M) To dry away tears                    (F) Even if what had once been possessed is lost

(F&M) No matter how trying it is in the end it will end up plain as water

(M) When you and me have got to a certain age                              (F) we get tired of whatever we loved best

(F&M) Yesterday             no matter how perfect it will be snowfall eventually turning into water

(F) The tears shed will recede with the tides one day      (M) will be a fit match for happiness one day

(F&M) Looking back on the beautiful snowfall it will still stay within your heart


(F) If still remember        the past love      breaking up shouldn’t be considered bad luck yet

If loves hang on till the heart have suffered then the love will be deeper

(M) In this world              thousands of people      love can be passed over as gifts of course

The imprint of your hand left on the cheek to let another kiss


Repeat *##

Moonlake’s Lyrics (17)

This is another set of lyrics that chimes with my personal life philosophy: there’s no need for fame, I just want to walk my own path. The title of the song is ‘Nameless foot solider’ and it’s actually the theme song of a 1989 HK TV series that I really like- I’ve actually watched it three times. Anyway, here goes:

Haven’t taken ungrounded reputations to heart,  I’ve already cast them to the clouds.
Lodging within muds and dusts, I can still reach a state of ecstasy.
Like a mere foot solider  but I am broad-minded
Not mindful of fame and wealth, no need to be too keyed up

Yet I’ve been passionately honest for the whole of my life
Won’t permit darkness to ferment
Having made it through a hundreds battle and blizzards

Lacking a little bit of power in appearance, yet the courage in my heart shines through
Even though my prestige isn’t high enough, I’m only half capable at kung-fu
I’ve made it a goal to fight against wrongness

Getting rid of road blocks with ease
I step back into obscurity amidst laughter, not seeking to be looked up upon and worshipped
Stepping on my unrestrained path
Shaking off the mould of courage of the secular world

Moonlake’s Lyrics (16)

To make up for last week, I’m doing 2 posts today. This is from another song by Anita Mui. I don’t think this is one of her famous songs. In contrast, the other Cantonese version of this sung by another HK female singer is quite well known. But I like this version much better. Somehow, I also connect this song with the life story of the singer. Anyway, the real reason this song draws me is that it reflects well the reason why I never value fame. In fact, I actually abhor fame, preferring to hide in a corner usually. That is in part what drew me to writing, which is essentially a solitary pursuit (as are all my other hobbies).

The title of the song is “Song of the Sunset” and its lyrics is:

*The sunset is infinite                    and yet it is only brilliance only lasts for a breath
Diffusing with the clouds              splendour that went past won’t come back
Late years                                           cannot endure the changes of this lifetime
Like the coming together and diffusion of clouds              entangled with this tired appearance who had experienced all the ups and downs of life

#A long road                      suddenly I feel that time has shortened
Times of happiness are always short and never return
Who has seen through that my dream                   is plainness

@How many storms have I encountered                              weaving my criss-crossing fantasies
Having encountered your embrace from the heart          accompanying me through ordeals
Amidst rushing about                     become disheartened
There is yet another bend on the road amidst disputes and twists and turns
One day when I think     (think)                  of returning it’s already too late

Repeat *, #, @, *, #, @

Oh                          me who is born alone feel gloomy
There is yet another bend on the road amidst winds and hail and tears and laughter
One day when I think                                     think of returning it’s already too late

Repeat @,@

Moonlake’s Lyrics (15)

Sorry about breaking the promise coming back on first Sunday of Nov but I was fully engaged by my student (I did mention that I took up tutoring, didn’t I?) until this Tuesday. Anyway, now I’m back fully though I’ve decided to cut posting frequency to once per week. Posts will be put up every Sunday in Australasian time or potentially Monday for US time.

This is a set of lyrics that I like because it tells a story (it might actually be one of theme songs of a movie but I don’t know for sure), it was sung by a HK singer that I quite liked but had already passed away- Anita Mui. She has many classic songs, of which this sort of falls in the middle in terms of being famous. It’s very Chinese in that it’s reminiscent of the 30s or 40s (not that I have a personal thing for that era but the tune and the lyrics just fit so well into that particular era). The title of the song is called “Seemingly like the coming of one from the past”. In Chinese, the title’s only 5 characters and has a much more poetic ring to it but ah well, you always lose something through translations. Also, before I actually present the lyrics, just want to note that in Chinese, the term “One from the past” can refer to all kinds of contexts including an old friend, a former spouse/lover, someone who is deceased as well as disciples and old followers but obviously in this song, it’s referring to a past lover.

The lyrics is as follows:

Both passer-bys         both dreaming the same dream            we should’ve been a couple
In youth                        don’t realise within the dream              (we) already returned home once awake
Barely having three meals and a night’s sleep          yet still a couple          who will that person be?
Whatever not attained                  whatever in the past      is always (considered) the best fit

Down the stage you look              up the stage I act             the drama that you wish to see
You who have forgotten all worries         the past and past people              did you still remember?
Happiness and sadness                 ageing, sickness, life and death      these are not considered legends
Hate the fact that neither those intimae upstage              nor down stage                is you and me

*the world is tiny                             fate is vast                          separating you and me
Sentences of broken-hearted words      consecutive sounds of storm      seemingly like the coming of one from the past

Which day it will be         where will it be                                 that we meet again
Not meant to be yet brought together by fate   memories won’t stop    but life is bitterly short
The same type of missing             two bitter loves           it takes more than half a lifetime to tell this tale
In the abyss of time        looking at the moon faraway      imagine your hidden bitterness

Leaving you                        or leaving me                                                                     in this world alone
Before parting                   (we) did not know the days together                     are so good
Holding the other’s hands            but then letting go (breaking up)              loving and yet as if not loving
Couples ten years later      or ten thousand years later       it’s a pity that we won’t be able to see them

Repeat *