A Thread of Chance (3)

Chapter 3: A Dawning Comprehension Zhang looks at the glazed-over eyes of the young warrior Meng and knows that he still needs more time. Time, the ultimate cure for all pains. He shakes his head bitterly. Pity it doesn’t work on everyone. He looks across at Xun Zhen and sees his student deep in thought.Continue reading “A Thread of Chance (3)”

A Thread of Chance (2)

Chapter 2: A Belated Recollection ~ One who can tell fortunes cannot tell one’s own fortunes, the price is hundreds fold. Heavenly secrets cannot be divulged, Fate comes to exact its vengeance. ~ While Xun Zhen sits swaying to the jolting rhythm of the horse-drawn carriage, he stares unfocused at the opposite side, at theContinue reading “A Thread of Chance (2)”

A Thread of Chance (1)

Chapter 1: An Overdue Reunion ~ Each Mortal is bound by a Limit, a Geomancer is also a Mortal. Every Reading comes with a Price, Know the Worth of the Price. Every Situation is accompanied by Chance, a single Thread of Chance. ~ It is the idle season. Clusters of women gather to gossip underContinue reading “A Thread of Chance (1)”

Remarkable Women in Ancient China (2)- Empress Dou

Who is she: Wife to Emperor Wen, mother to Emperor Jing and grandmother to Emperor Wu of the Han dynasty (206 BC–220 AD) A woman who has risen from a root of poverty to have influence across three different reigns Notable life events: Born into a poor family in the province of Qinghe in theContinue reading “Remarkable Women in Ancient China (2)- Empress Dou”