Writer’s Awakening- Lyman Rate

Moonlake: Hi, I’m Moonlake Ku and welcome to the 3rd episode of Writer’s Awakenings. Today, we have author Lyman Rate with us. Firstly, tell us about yourself and your journey into writing, Lyman. Lyman: My name is Lyman Rate and I am from Kansas. I didn’t really start writing until 2014 and I did itContinue reading “Writer’s Awakening- Lyman Rate”

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 2 July 2017

Mon 26/06/2017 Decided on rough gist of chaps 21-25, 31-35 Scene 1, chap 21 (half) A floating scene but will definitely be incorporated somewhere in these 10 chapters Tue 27/06/2017 Completed scene 1, chap 21 Chap 21 done Pegged down the floating scene Decided on rough gist of Chap 31 Scene 1, chap 22 ChapContinue reading “Writer’s Achievement Diary- 2 July 2017”

Writer’s Awakening- Helen Patrice

Moonlake: Hi, I’m Moonlake Ku and welcome to the second episode of Writer’s Awakenings. Today, we have author Helen Patrice with us. Firstly, tell us about yourself and your journey into writing, Helen. Helen: It started with me loving being read to as a little girl, and then once I learned to read, starting to soak upContinue reading “Writer’s Awakening- Helen Patrice”

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 25 June 2017

Mon 19/06/2017 Decided on how to proceed by switching pace of alternating narration Tue 20/06/2017 Amended scene 2 of chap 20 Wed 21/06/2017 Removing 2 chapters’ worth of scenes from chaps 11-20 to fix up timing bug Thu 22/06/2017 Completely restructured sequence of scenes by switching the order of narrative alternation Scene 1, chap 9Continue reading “Writer’s Achievement Diary- 25 June 2017”

Writer’s Awakening- Renee Wiseman

Moonlake: Hi, I’m Moonlake Ku and welcome to the first episode of Writer’s Awakening. Today, we have author Renee Wiseman with us. Firstly, tell us about yourself and your journey into writing, Renee. Renee: My journey into writing was a twisted one, because I actually started as a kid. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, andContinue reading “Writer’s Awakening- Renee Wiseman”

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 18 June 2017

Mon 12/06/2017 Long weekend plus still down with cold so took a day off. Tue 13/06/2017 Scene 1, chap 20 Wed 14/06/2017 Doc appointment day, took it off Thu 15/06/2017 Resting at home to recover from sickness Fri 16/06/2017 Relocated part of a scene to later Sat 17/06/2017 Chap 20 done Sun 18/06/2017 Took aContinue reading “Writer’s Achievement Diary- 18 June 2017”

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 11 June 2017

Mon 5/06/2017 1. Chap 17 done Tue 6/06/2017 1. Scene 1, chap 18 Wed 7/06/2017 1. Chap 18 done Thu 8/06/2017 1. Expanded scene 2 of Chap 18, tagged on a little more events to fill it up so that it can stand on its own 2. Scene 1, chap 19 Fri 9/06/2017 1. RoughContinue reading “Writer’s Achievement Diary- 11 June 2017”

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 4 June 2017

Mon 29/05/2017 Settled on ages for 2 main male characters Re-order a bunch of scenes between chaps 12-15 Readjusted content of scenes in chap 13 Idea seeds on chaps 16, scene 1 of chap 17 Tue 30/05/2017 20 grids filled for Chan Lok Vague idea for scene 1, chap 16 Wed 31/05/2017 22 grids filledContinue reading “Writer’s Achievement Diary- 4 June 2017”

Moonlake’s Progress as a Writer

Random reminder: there’s now the option to receive new posts of this blog via email. It’s located at the bottom of the blog for anyone interested. This blog has now been up for exactly two and a half years (as of the time of writing) and just prior to the creation of this blog, IContinue reading “Moonlake’s Progress as a Writer”