Writer’s Achievement Diary- 4 June 2017

Mon 29/05/2017

  1. Settled on ages for 2 main male characters
  2. Re-order a bunch of scenes between chaps 12-15
  3. Readjusted content of scenes in chap 13
  4. Idea seeds on chaps 16, scene 1 of chap 17

Tue 30/05/2017

  1. 20 grids filled for Chan Lok
  2. Vague idea for scene 1, chap 16

Wed 31/05/2017

  1. 22 grids filled for Si Ma Gun (out of goal of 20)

Thu 1/06/2017

  1. Scene 1, chap 16

Fri 2/06/2017

  1. Chap 16 done

Sat 3/06/2017

  1. Sorted out the ‘ending’ of chaps 16-20 block
  2. Working out the rough gist for chap 17
  3. Scene 1, chap 17

Sun 4/06/2017

  1. Started on list of easily pronounced Chinese characters to be used for naming (sizable surname list and 2 full names, first names to be done)
  2. Joted down notes on chap 18/19 (floating scene for now)

Week Goal: 1 achievement on average on weekdays and 2 on weekends. 5 Chapters outlined

Week Tally: 1.8 achievement on average on weekdays and 2.5 on weekends

Sum story progress: 1.5 chapters and fair progress on 2 main characters

Against last week: Now that I switched to the other plot-line I feel a little stuck as I needed to get back into it.

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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