Moonlake’s Progress as a Writer

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This blog has now been up for exactly two and a half years (as of the time of writing) and just prior to the creation of this blog, I started dipping my toes into fiction. So I thought it’s high time that I do a post on my own progress as a writer since then.

What I’ve Done:

  • Dipped my toes in novel writing and
    • Fully outlined up to book 2 of a quintet and partially all the other books in the series
    • Written up to chap 15 for book 1 out of a planned 21 chapters
  • Tried my hands at short story writing through a multi-author anthology
    • Co-authored one short story
    • Written a solo piece- A Thread of Chance that I’m converting to a novella right now
  • Creating a new novel series right now
    • Outlining book 1 as I type now- round 1 almost concluded

What I’ve Learnt:

  • Signed up for James Patterson’s Masterclass, a course crash on all aspects of the writing and publishing process. What I took away from this was mostly the idea of doing comprehensive outlines based on the provided sample outline from JP
  • Learnt a lot about myself as a writer and a person from the epub venture
    • Fine-tuned/refocused myself on novels rather than short stories
    • Learnt what makes me tick versus what doesn’t as a writer and a person

What I’ve Achieved:

  • I’ve made the important mind change to viewing writing as a hobby to thinking about turning it into my career. I’m still doing a FT day job at the moment and planning to make the transition slow but the mind change is the important thing
  • I’ve broadened my social network and gained on board a lot of writer friends through social media
  • I’ve expanded my reading horizon slightly and taken on board historical fiction as a new genre
  • Last but not least I’ve made this blog which isn’t much now but can be leveraged to build an author platform for myself


Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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