Remarkable Females in Ancient China (1)- Dugu Qieluo

If you are curious why I’m doing this series because you missed last week’s post, check it out here.  Who is she: Wife to Yang Jian, founder of the Sui dynasty (581-618 AD) which was built on the demise of the Northern Zhou dynasty when Yang Jian made its last Emperor yield the throne toContinue reading “Remarkable Females in Ancient China (1)- Dugu Qieluo”

Remarkable Females in Ancient China- coming to you soon!

Yes, I’m creating yet another lot of quarterly serial posts both so I can more or less stick to it and it might dovetail into other related posts (still chewing over possibilities). So essentially, this lot of new posts will feature remarkable female figures from ancient China that I compiled mostly from Chinese Wiki andContinue reading “Remarkable Females in Ancient China- coming to you soon!”

Reflections on My Outlining Odyssey

Every now and then I like to reflect on things and that time has rolled in again. But first, a bit of context for those of you who hasn’t read previous posts: I started outlining my WIP in Dec 2016 and was originally planning to finish outlining at the end of this year. I deliberatelyContinue reading “Reflections on My Outlining Odyssey”

Moonlake’s Book Discoveries- July 2018

Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs So I’m not that much of a YA reader and I don’t tend to read urban fantasy at all but I picked up this book to do structural analysis for a writing course. I also consider this book as one of my Broadening Horizon reads this year. That aside, it’sContinue reading “Moonlake’s Book Discoveries- July 2018”