Random Town People

It’s been a long time since I last shared snippets of my writing on characters and I’m feeling slack today so I’ve dug out portions of my contributions towards an article called Town People which details characters that can be dropped into any medieval town.  Matron Maranisha Hopsham of St. Margaret’s chapel Appearance:Matron Maranisha isContinue reading “Random Town People”

What Moves Me (1): Rewinding Time

In general, I don’t tend to display my emotions openly. In fact, it was my wont to suppress tears. But there are some exceptions so I thought it would be a worthwhile pursuit for me to record the sources behind such rare moments.  I’ve previously blogged about the fast food consumption aspect of my reading.Continue reading “What Moves Me (1): Rewinding Time”

Evolution of Moonlake’s Writing Pile

This post is prompted by my whimsical exploration of the statistics to do with this blog. Specifically, I was looking at which of my posts had been shared and one of the top ones was Moonlake’s Work Pile (3) back in 2015.   So in that post I had talked of 4 different writing projects andContinue reading “Evolution of Moonlake’s Writing Pile”

Remarkable Women in Ancient China (5)- Fu Hao

Who is she: A woman whose surname or first name was Hao (Fu is some kind of prestigious title) who was one of the sixty-odd wives to Wu Ding, the Emperor of the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC) The first known female military commander in Chinese history, also a politician and overseer of rites/fortune telling ceremoniesContinue reading “Remarkable Women in Ancient China (5)- Fu Hao”

Lockdown, Reading Promotion and Time Usage

The week before last, I blogged about how the lockdown and working from home is having an adverse effect on my writing. But surprisingly, it’s promoting my Kindle reading. Specifically, I’ve been able to consistently read one Kindle chapter per day on one of my broadening horizon reads for this year (they are both Kindles).Continue reading “Lockdown, Reading Promotion and Time Usage”