Live and Let Live (3)

As promised, the belated snippet #3:   “What is the ultimate purpose of education? To get a paying job…” Next she’s going to tell me about why the career I’m thinking would not provide me stable pay etc. Every time I wanted to discuss a possible area to head in that I might be interested,Continue reading “Live and Let Live (3)”

Live and Let Live (2)

As promised, here’s the second snippet and we’re still following the same mother-daughter pair as last time: “I don’t know why you love mucking around so much, you do it day and night. You are only in the thirties. You’ve got plenty of time to muck around later in life. Your priority now should beContinue reading “Live and Let Live (2)”

Live and Let Live (1)

I had delved into the stats on WordPress to find which category of my posts are most popular and Random Writings won by hands down. And since I’ve already exhausted all of my old outputs, I figured that I would start a new pile (especially now that my novel is in ‘stalled’ status) to appeaseContinue reading “Live and Let Live (1)”