Chinese (Oriental) Fantasy year

Besides my Broadening Horizon reads and others that took my whims, I’ve dubbed this year my Chinese (Oriental) Fantasy year. In short, this year I am going to read up on all the key Chinese fantasy novels there are (those I’ve identified anyway). I might or might not branch into Japanese fantasy, hence the bracketContinue reading “Chinese (Oriental) Fantasy year”

Labour of an Empress by Christine Ku & Robert K Peterson Sr.

“Gnats Giant gnats in stately robes calling Me to this and that Buzzing sapping my will ‘Lady, You Must….’ ‘But the Flood…..’ ‘The coffers are nearly……!’ ‘You must judge…..’ I slam the doors shut The roar of the fire The Smells of the Forge The Gnats hammer at the doors ‘Lady….’ ‘Lady….’ Nothing will clearContinue reading “Labour of an Empress by Christine Ku & Robert K Peterson Sr.”

The Closing of a Chapter

Happy New Year! Those of you who have followed my blog for a while would have known that I pulled out of an anthology series before and well, this is the closure post on that. After all, to move forward, we need to close the chapter on some of the stuff from the past holdingContinue reading “The Closing of a Chapter”