2 week NZ itinerary without a car in 2023- Week 1

Since I freshly came back from New Zealand I thought I would deviate from the norm and do a post on my recent trip. I mean, I’ve been benefiting from the shared online itineraries so I might as well contribute one of my own. Plus, this one includes recommendations on gelato. Who can resist that?Continue reading “2 week NZ itinerary without a car in 2023- Week 1”

Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 22

The interior of the building stood up to what was advertised outside. There were machines halfway set up for building something and other machines in another part that looked like they were for tearing things apart. A collision of different minds wanting to build different factories squashed into one.  “This place is a disaster.” AuroraContinue reading “Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 22”

Moonlake’s Movie Discoveries

I figured I would do something differently in place of the usual reading related posts. As I’ve blogged about before, I’ve been binge watching Disney and other cartoon movies and I did buy a bunch of action DVDs in preparation of COVID lockdown about a year ago. So this post will be in the spiritContinue reading “Moonlake’s Movie Discoveries”

The songs we could have been singing

This is a piece created from a prompt from Maya Stein’s Press Play. I truncated the last paragraph because it was too personal but I like the ending to this truncated piece as well. Enjoy:  The songs we could have been singing, the dances we could have danced, the words we could have spoken… howContinue reading “The songs we could have been singing”

Maybe there is nothing going on

This piece below is still prompted by a line in the poem Starfish: Maybe there is nothing going on.  Maybe there is nothing going on. Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing except my imagination. Oh, I’ve always had imagination. When clouds flowed by in the sky, I could see shapes in them. I could conjure storiesContinue reading “Maybe there is nothing going on”

Writer Scam Alert- Shaw Academy

I’m writing such a post because recently I’ve run into a scam with the Shaw Academy which offers online courses of creative writing and other topics and one month of free trial. How did I first encounter this scam? Through a Facebook advertisement.  So how do they scam you? Well, when I wanted to cancelContinue reading “Writer Scam Alert- Shaw Academy”

Moonlake’s Serendipities (2)

Above is a slightly different definition of serendipity that I first came across and understood the term but let’s just say I think of it as life’s little surprises. I haven’t reported on any life surprises for a while and since one just happened recently, I thought I would blog about it. So I hadContinue reading “Moonlake’s Serendipities (2)”