I hope I am forgiven…

This jump off line comes from Rabbit by Heather Swan. I think I will title this piece Forgiven or forgotten. I hope I am forgiven for the words I did not mean to hurt but did.  I hope I am forgiven for the thoughtless deeds.  I hope I am forgiven for being lazy, for beingContinue reading “I hope I am forgiven…”

Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 14

I was almost done with the marinades when Jessica wandered in, rubbing sleep from her eyes. “I am soo sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to crash so hard. That happens sometimes, when I have to use my power to keep someone from dying during surgery. I hope I didn’t miss anything important.” “Someone putContinue reading “Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 14”

We must risk the light…

This was a piece of writing that I had written in the middle of last year. And I think it actually comes from A Brief for the Defence by Jack Gilbert and I had misheard the original line which was “We must risk delight.” I don’t think I actually like the prose of this pieceContinue reading “We must risk the light…”

Remarkable Women in Ancient China (13)- Huang Chong Xia

Who is she: A real historical figure known to have passed herself as a man for long periods of time. I know most of you would say that Mulan is far more famous but the original reference to Mulan came from a long poem starring her and other than that, there is no evidence thatContinue reading “Remarkable Women in Ancient China (13)- Huang Chong Xia”

Moonlake and Historical fiction

So historical fiction is my third genre but it is often solely neglected because: 1) I just haven’t really found a comfort author to stick to and for the majority of my life, I have been sticking to comfort authors; 2) I don’t have a personal interest in history so much. Rather, I feel historyContinue reading “Moonlake and Historical fiction”