“If you think you’ve given other a lot but they are still unhappy with what you gave them, then you need to start thinking about whether you’ve given what they want/need.” ~dialogue from the Hong Kong TV drama, Between Love and Desire. Does this resonate with any of you? It certainly does with me, especiallyContinue reading “Giving”

Moonlake’s Meta fiction (3)

The following three bits of meta fiction are written to tease out a set of two legendary places called Still and Limbo that I wrote up for one of the quests at the Citadel. And I don’t think I can sum up these two places better than the following tagline I wrote: “Two forgotten placesContinue reading “Moonlake’s Meta fiction (3)”

Moonlake’s Lyrics (23)

I recently heard this song on a game show and thought I would the share the following lyrics that celebrate friendship. The title of the song is simply “Friend”.   Here goes: *All these years                all by myself Passed through winds   walked through rains Having had tears              having made mistakes Still remember whatContinue reading “Moonlake’s Lyrics (23)”

Moonlake’s Book Discoveries- June 2016

Due to my involvement with the ePub, I had mainly been reading short stories or Agatha Christie mysteries. Short story collections Wonders of the Invisible World by Patricia McKillip I like her prose which belongs to the flowing school, what others potentially call verbose. I’m generally a fan of such a style and that’s theContinue reading “Moonlake’s Book Discoveries- June 2016”