TBR for 2023

For my Oriental fantasy reading this year, I’m reading book 1 of the Poppy War series which is available in audiobook format.  On fantasy, I might read the Essex Serpent which I had put down as a historical fiction/fantasy. But other than that, I’m short on ideas. My library always gives me pages of stuffContinue reading “TBR for 2023”

Moonlake’s Book Discoveries- December 2022

Back to more of a balance between fantasy and mystery this quarter. Fantasy  The Spellwright Trilogy by Blake Charlton This is basically a standalone trilogy starring three different protagonists. I liked book 1- for a fantasy, the prophecy thing that surrounds the protagonist was twisted a couple of times making this a bit fresh andContinue reading “Moonlake’s Book Discoveries- December 2022”

Chinese Lore- A selection of Mythical Fauna (8)

Zhu Tun Snake Physical Description: A meter-long snake that has four feet and is hairy throughout its body Special Properties: Its call is like that of pigs. Lore: Legend tells that in the Song Dynasty, a Zhu Tun Snake had appeared in front of a soldier who was undergoing training and had swallows him whole.Continue reading “Chinese Lore- A selection of Mythical Fauna (8)”

Forgive yourself

The jump-off line comes from A Course In Miracles by Megan Freitag.  Forgive yourself the words of retort that you were too slow to say. Forgive yourself the fear and helplessness behind the dignity maintained in front of the public which everyone else saw as silence and passiveness. Forgive yourself the sleepless nights in whichContinue reading “Forgive yourself”

Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 21

We ended up tracking Guppy by the beacon on the buggy, which indicated a factory at the edge of town, with a forest and farmlands lying beyond. Estella assumed she’d been kidnapped.  “Let’s not waste any time then, we can follow the road until we’re close, and then circle around through the forest, get aContinue reading “Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 21”