Chinese Lore- A selection of Mythical Fauna (8)

Zhu Tun Snake

Physical Description:

A meter-long snake that has four feet and is hairy throughout its body

Special Properties:

Its call is like that of pigs.


Legend tells that in the Song Dynasty, a Zhu Tun Snake had appeared in front of a soldier who was undergoing training and had swallows him whole. This snake was finally vanquished by a soldier who knew how to use magic.

Xiu Snake

Physical Description:

A large snake that grows near the Dong Ting Lake

Special Properties:

It is able to swallow a whole elephant.


At the time of the Ten Suns, there was a riot of the Xiu Snakes and this was put down by Hou Yi (who shot down nine Suns to end the reign of the Ten Suns) who killed off the perpetrating Xiu Snakes.

Zao Teeth

Physical Description:

A creature with really long teeth and shaped like a pick


It is reputedly a creature slain by the arrows of Hou Yi.

Horse Tripping Snake

Physical Description:

A water wyrm that belongs to the group of Jiao Dragon, a kind of half-dragon creature or subservient branch to the dragon family. It is as massive as a dragon but basically still of serpent form except that its head is shaped like a cat or mouse and there are star-shaped spots on the top of its head.

Special Properties:

It is hostile to humans and will attack and devour them. Its body is slippery and stinks. Whenever its appears, not only will the water that it is in be polluted, but the air will become intolerable in terms of smell.

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