Moonlake’s Serendipidities (1)

I disappeared again for two weeks and that’s because I was down with a cold for that duration. I’m also in a “don’t feel like doing anything” mode in general. But I’m trying to make a comeback so what could be more uplifting than doing an entry that lists all of the serendipities in my life so far?

As everyone can see from the description of this category page, serendipidity’s a fancy word for describing a not so complex phenomenon but I will admit that I have a whim for fancy words and I’ve just taken a liking to this word. So that’s why I named this page thus.

Anyway, I don’t want to go too far back in time so I would start the list with when I get my first grad job which is back in 06/07:

  1. When I despaired of ever getting a grad job in my Honours year, I got the offer to my first job as a Research Officer (effectively a Research Assistant but at where I worked, that’s the actual job title). That year, I applied for 10-20 grad programs (you could say that’s not a lot but I believe I applied for the most out of my Honours classmates simply because most were taken up in April already but I kept getting rejected so I kept applying throughout the whole year) and the really depressing thing was that I always got through to the interview stage for those jobs that I really thought I had a chance and was somewhat interested in (or at least not adverse to) so effectively I was experiencing all these roller-roaster moods of hope and then rejection again and again. Towards the end of the year, I was despairing so much that I was full on planning to do Masters straight away if I couldn’t get a grad job but then the ad for a RO position (it was just one position whereas most grad programs take a number of new grad for anyone not familiar with what a grad program is) came along and I actually got the job even though after the interview I was still like “nay, won’t get it”.
  2. I discontinued with a PhD in the final year and then became unemployed. Amidst contemplating a career change etc, I hit upon my real passion: creative writing. I mean, I knew all the way back in high school that I enjoyed writing and sometime during my PhD I had stumbled upon my writer’s home but I never considered it as anything other than a hobby. But gradually, I’m switching to the perspective that I wanted writing to be the main focus in my life. By this, I don’t necessarily mean that I’m setting out to a full time writer or a published one, simply that I want to personally make it my priority. I’m still struggling with mood swings, worries over financial security etc. at the moment but at least I’ve gained a clearer perspective over what I want with life. Anyway, I was truly euphoric when I made the realisation that I’m a writer at heart and I don’t really want to turn back to anything else.
  3. Sometime before my epiphany i.e. when I was stuck in thinking about a career change, I had joined a book club on meetup as part of an attempt to meet new people and broaden my horizon (also excuse to get me out of the house and my Internet addiction). At that point, I was thinking that potentially I would be interested in a counselling career and then on the day of the meetup, two other women from that book club were actually doing a counselling course at that time. In the end, I decided not to pursue a counselling career after all but when I found that out on the day, I was like “wow, talk about coincidences!”
  4. Around the time that my novel was stalled, I started to be plagued by worries over finance and my emotions threatened to play havoc. And then one day I just opened up my email and apparently someone had been trying to reach me for a while asking whether I’m available to do RA work for her. It felt like a job had just rained down on me from nowhere again (I got that feeling with my first grad job although in truth I obviously went to the job interview and they thought I was a good fit but you know how feelings are)
  5. A commercial e-book venture was suddenly formed over at Strolen’s Citadel (my writer’s home) and it gave me the excuse I needed to take up writing a short story. It’s come to a stall again like my novel but I did look upon it as a blessing when it appeared.
  6. I discovered a place called the Little Library in Melbourne Central (a shopping centre/train station that I always bypass on/off work) where you can borrow books indefinitely and then either return the same book or another of your choice. Nothing major but a little nice surprise for a bookworm like me
  7. Google ad sent me a link to Masterclass which offered a writing class by James Patterson who writes bestselling mysteries (based on my browsing history probably). After finding out that he wrote the Women’s Murder Club series (I haven’t read it but played a few hidden object PC games based on it) I saved the link for reference. Now I’ve officially enrolled (it only costs $90 USD) and I think it comes in real handy cos I’m hoping to use it as a leverage to get me back into writing again.

There are probably more that I missed but you get the idea here. I don’t know how many of you stuck to the finish with this post but if you do, I hope that you will find it uplifting in nature for you as well.

Moonlake’s Lyrics (16)

To make up for last week, I’m doing 2 posts today. This is from another song by Anita Mui. I don’t think this is one of her famous songs. In contrast, the other Cantonese version of this sung by another HK female singer is quite well known. But I like this version much better. Somehow, I also connect this song with the life story of the singer. Anyway, the real reason this song draws me is that it reflects well the reason why I never value fame. In fact, I actually abhor fame, preferring to hide in a corner usually. That is in part what drew me to writing, which is essentially a solitary pursuit (as are all my other hobbies).

The title of the song is “Song of the Sunset” and its lyrics is:

*The sunset is infinite                    and yet it is only brilliance only lasts for a breath
Diffusing with the clouds              splendour that went past won’t come back
Late years                                           cannot endure the changes of this lifetime
Like the coming together and diffusion of clouds              entangled with this tired appearance who had experienced all the ups and downs of life

#A long road                      suddenly I feel that time has shortened
Times of happiness are always short and never return
Who has seen through that my dream                   is plainness

@How many storms have I encountered                              weaving my criss-crossing fantasies
Having encountered your embrace from the heart          accompanying me through ordeals
Amidst rushing about                     become disheartened
There is yet another bend on the road amidst disputes and twists and turns
One day when I think     (think)                  of returning it’s already too late

Repeat *, #, @, *, #, @

Oh                          me who is born alone feel gloomy
There is yet another bend on the road amidst winds and hail and tears and laughter
One day when I think                                     think of returning it’s already too late

Repeat @,@

Moonlake’s Lyrics (15)

Sorry about breaking the promise coming back on first Sunday of Nov but I was fully engaged by my student (I did mention that I took up tutoring, didn’t I?) until this Tuesday. Anyway, now I’m back fully though I’ve decided to cut posting frequency to once per week. Posts will be put up every Sunday in Australasian time or potentially Monday for US time.

This is a set of lyrics that I like because it tells a story (it might actually be one of theme songs of a movie but I don’t know for sure), it was sung by a HK singer that I quite liked but had already passed away- Anita Mui. She has many classic songs, of which this sort of falls in the middle in terms of being famous. It’s very Chinese in that it’s reminiscent of the 30s or 40s (not that I have a personal thing for that era but the tune and the lyrics just fit so well into that particular era). The title of the song is called “Seemingly like the coming of one from the past”. In Chinese, the title’s only 5 characters and has a much more poetic ring to it but ah well, you always lose something through translations. Also, before I actually present the lyrics, just want to note that in Chinese, the term “One from the past” can refer to all kinds of contexts including an old friend, a former spouse/lover, someone who is deceased as well as disciples and old followers but obviously in this song, it’s referring to a past lover.

The lyrics is as follows:

Both passer-bys         both dreaming the same dream            we should’ve been a couple
In youth                        don’t realise within the dream              (we) already returned home once awake
Barely having three meals and a night’s sleep          yet still a couple          who will that person be?
Whatever not attained                  whatever in the past      is always (considered) the best fit

Down the stage you look              up the stage I act             the drama that you wish to see
You who have forgotten all worries         the past and past people              did you still remember?
Happiness and sadness                 ageing, sickness, life and death      these are not considered legends
Hate the fact that neither those intimae upstage              nor down stage                is you and me

*the world is tiny                             fate is vast                          separating you and me
Sentences of broken-hearted words      consecutive sounds of storm      seemingly like the coming of one from the past

Which day it will be         where will it be                                 that we meet again
Not meant to be yet brought together by fate   memories won’t stop    but life is bitterly short
The same type of missing             two bitter loves           it takes more than half a lifetime to tell this tale
In the abyss of time        looking at the moon faraway      imagine your hidden bitterness

Leaving you                        or leaving me                                                                     in this world alone
Before parting                   (we) did not know the days together                     are so good
Holding the other’s hands            but then letting go (breaking up)              loving and yet as if not loving
Couples ten years later      or ten thousand years later       it’s a pity that we won’t be able to see them

Repeat *