Moonlake’s Lyrics (16)

To make up for last week, I’m doing 2 posts today. This is from another song by Anita Mui. I don’t think this is one of her famous songs. In contrast, the other Cantonese version of this sung by another HK female singer is quite well known. But I like this version much better. Somehow, I also connect this song with the life story of the singer. Anyway, the real reason this song draws me is that it reflects well the reason why I never value fame. In fact, I actually abhor fame, preferring to hide in a corner usually. That is in part what drew me to writing, which is essentially a solitary pursuit (as are all my other hobbies).

The title of the song is “Song of the Sunset” and its lyrics is:

*The sunset is infinite                    and yet it is only brilliance only lasts for a breath
Diffusing with the clouds              splendour that went past won’t come back
Late years                                           cannot endure the changes of this lifetime
Like the coming together and diffusion of clouds              entangled with this tired appearance who had experienced all the ups and downs of life

#A long road                      suddenly I feel that time has shortened
Times of happiness are always short and never return
Who has seen through that my dream                   is plainness

@How many storms have I encountered                              weaving my criss-crossing fantasies
Having encountered your embrace from the heart          accompanying me through ordeals
Amidst rushing about                     become disheartened
There is yet another bend on the road amidst disputes and twists and turns
One day when I think     (think)                  of returning it’s already too late

Repeat *, #, @, *, #, @

Oh                          me who is born alone feel gloomy
There is yet another bend on the road amidst winds and hail and tears and laughter
One day when I think                                     think of returning it’s already too late

Repeat @,@

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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