Moonlake’s Book Tastes (4)

So today I had promised to share some of the ‘unusual reads’ speaking from the perspective of my own tastes. I’m not going by any order of personal preference but first up is….. Taiko by Eiji Yoshikawa. It is a historical fiction that tells the story of one man’s rise from a low starting pointContinue reading “Moonlake’s Book Tastes (4)”

Moonlake’s Book Tastes (3)

Today, I’m going to change the tone slightly by talking about the mystery books that I’ve read and enjoyed. While not the main staple of my reading (mystery books to me are more like side dishes or desert, they serve as in-betweens for my trips into long serious fantasy epics), I do frequently read mysteryContinue reading “Moonlake’s Book Tastes (3)”

Moonlake’s Book Tastes (2)

So I am continuing with the authors and books that fall into my comfort zone but not necessarily brilliant by themselves. I am quite picky (if you had read the post before this, there are only two authors that I named as my favourites) so there are more substantial number of authors that I diligentlyContinue reading “Moonlake’s Book Tastes (2)”

Random writing (2)

Yet another of my random writing to share while writing insights are stagnating. Topic: I have to smile whenever I feel angry…. I have to smile whenever I feel angry. This way, I make them really scared of me. And I keep them docile. Yes, docile underlings are the best. They don’t think on theirContinue reading “Random writing (2)”

Random writing (1)

For a while, I’ve been trying to do daily writing exercises from some prompt but like my diary writing attempts, it died out after a while. However, because I cannot formulate a post that provides actual value to readers out of the 2 writing mistakes that I’ve lately discovered about myself for today, I’ve decidedContinue reading “Random writing (1)”

10 by 10 Character Grid

Today I’m going to share another technique that I learnt from one of these writer self-help books (again the The Creative Writers’ Workshop by Cathy Birch for those interested) that I’ve adapted to my use and found extremely useful in terms of filling out characters. This time, the procedure is really simple: you use aContinue reading “10 by 10 Character Grid”

Writing from a Sequence of Events

I’ve just realised one major mistake to my approach of transferring plots (or events) to words and this is what I will be sharing in this post. In case you haven’t figured it out, this blog is really more about sharing what I’ve learnt about writing and since I’m just freshly into being a wannabeContinue reading “Writing from a Sequence of Events”

Most Ridiculous Excuse made up by a Villain

This is not really writing related but I’ve just finished watching a TV series where the villain made up the most ridiculous excuse I’ve ever heard to justify his actions. I thought it might serve as inspiration somehow as a means of shedding light upon the extent to which the human brain is capable ofContinue reading “Most Ridiculous Excuse made up by a Villain”

Berley’s Top 10 World Building Tips for Sci Fi or Fantasy

Originally posted on Curse Breaker Series:
Like I have mentioned in past blog posts, it took me ten years of writing and collecting rejection letters to get to level I am today. And even so I’m still working and still climbing. Always working and always writing to improve my craft. The bad part about going…