Progress Tracker on Thread (3)

This week, I ripped into actual writing, with a limit of 300 words per weekday and 500 per weekend day. The broad writing goal for this week was to get scene 1 and 2 finished (there are 7 scenes in total for this chapter and I’ve written the ending scene already way back when itContinue reading “Progress Tracker on Thread (3)”

Moonlake’s Book Discoveries- September 2016

I didn’t read much between the last Book Discovery post and this one because first I was engaged with the epub and now I am contemplating a slow transition towards being a FT writer on my own. So fiction has been pushed out of the way as you can see below. Third Girl by AgathaContinue reading “Moonlake’s Book Discoveries- September 2016”

Shared post about Patreon

Thought this may be useful information for all writers and bloggers (upon further research, apparently this is only profitable for those with an established following like most Internet based ventures but it will be a good side project for developing an additional relatively stable income stream if you do): Making a living as a writerContinue reading “Shared post about Patreon”

Moonlake’s Spotlight (2): Man’s Damnation by Christopher Lee!

This week I have another work that I’m excited to share with you all, Man’s Damnation- Lore of the Aos Si, also taking pre-orders on Inkshares by Christopher Lee, the founder of the Indie Authors Collective! Here’s the synopsis or back cover blurb of Man’s Damnation: Our ancestors once lived in harmony with the creator.Continue reading “Moonlake’s Spotlight (2): Man’s Damnation by Christopher Lee!”

Progress Tracker on Thread (2)

Again, I finished my set broad goal for this week ahead by one day! Technically I’m still in planning stage (my pre-writing is just blotting out how events occur in the story on a fine level plus notes to myself about key aspects to watch out for) so it’s to be expected but I’m learningContinue reading “Progress Tracker on Thread (2)”

Forgiving and Closed Doors

To an event experienced yesterday and the one who sent me the email: Forget and forgive, I’m not ready for you. Fully aware of my own faults, I was nevertheless hurt. I’m applying the best cure for my wounds: Time and Distance Away.   On a more uplifting note, concurrent to the above event IContinue reading “Forgiving and Closed Doors”

Moonlake’s Spotlight (1): The War of Wind and Moon by Darcy Conroy!

I’m finally excited to do my post today which is the start of a brand new post series called Moonlake’s Spotlight! This will happen in conjunction with a brand new section that I’m opening on my blog as noted on the About page. So, in this grand opening, I would like to share with youContinue reading “Moonlake’s Spotlight (1): The War of Wind and Moon by Darcy Conroy!”

Progress Tracker on Thread (1)

Progress Tracker on Thread (1) For the very first time, I’m trialling the method of setting an actual date for a solo piece that I’m going to publish as a standalone novella, my story A Thread of Chance of which the first three Chapters have already been published in the first 2 issues of theContinue reading “Progress Tracker on Thread (1)”

Excursions from the Citadel- issue 2 out!

It has been out since 31 August. The full title for it is Wizards: Excursions from the Citadel Issue 2. There are more authors that have come on board for this particular issue which is great if you appreciate diversity. I am personally exiting this enterprise as contributing author and the grand finale to my serialContinue reading “Excursions from the Citadel- issue 2 out!”

Moonlake’s Meta Fiction (4)

This is the last bit of meta fiction that I had written for the Citadel. It is part of a collaborative submission I did with MysticMoon for the Kaiju (monster of massive size ala Godzilla style) quest. This whole submission is based off on MysticMoon’s idea of a chimera creature created through scientific means i.e.Continue reading “Moonlake’s Meta Fiction (4)”