Advanced Reading Review- Reapers of Soul and Magic

I’m doing something new, which is signing up to be an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) reader for a debut novel which has already gone live at Amazon . Here’s a picture of the front and back covers. Below is my actual review which is already up on Amazon and Goodreads. I’m not big on stars since I don’t thinkContinue reading “Advanced Reading Review- Reapers of Soul and Magic”

No-show Alpha/Beta Readers: What do you do?

I do nothing (besides trying to contact them to find out why and show understanding if that’s due to their life circumstances and basically letting it go). Seriously, then why blog about this, you say? Well, while I basically just accept it as an occurrence that I have to be prepared for as a writer,Continue reading “No-show Alpha/Beta Readers: What do you do?”

2 Lessons I learnt from “Fast Food” Reading

So before I go into the 2 lessons, let me first provide the context for this post: the ‘fast food’ reading in the title referred to the serial fictions written in my mother tongue of Chinese that I had been reading on the Internet in my period of ‘unemployment’ after I broke away from PhD.Continue reading “2 Lessons I learnt from “Fast Food” Reading”

Writer’s Achievement Diary- What I learnt from this Exercise

So I’ve stopped updating the diary but I will just say that I reached all of my set monthly goals for the novel that I was outlining and now it finally had a tentative name- The Convergence of Paths belonging to a series called the Seekers’ Chronicles. Basically, round 1 outline for book 1 isContinue reading “Writer’s Achievement Diary- What I learnt from this Exercise”

The Short Story and Me (2)

As a change, this week we are skipping author interviews. It will come back next week though. Thought I will do a re-run on this since my stance on it has changed yet again now that I have broken off my association with the epub completely. Previously, I’ve talked about myself as a writer andContinue reading “The Short Story and Me (2)”