Moonlake’s Book Discovery- Dec 2018

I was going to do another book discovery back in Oct but then I decided I wanted to save it for end of the year so that I can do book discoveries in Mar, Jun etc. as opposed to odd months like this year. It appeals to my sense for order. Anyway, below is whatContinue reading “Moonlake’s Book Discovery- Dec 2018”

What I learnt from my Broadening Horizon Reads- 2018

My Broadening Horizon Reads this year are a YA vampire/werewolf fantasy and a chick lit. Both are genres I tend to stay away from and both are written in first person (the latter is more of coincidence than design though). Below are summaries of my main take-away from each of them: Silence Fallen by PatriciaContinue reading “What I learnt from my Broadening Horizon Reads- 2018”

Moonlake’s Writing updates (6)

So I had previously alluded to the fact that I’m working on a first draft (well, I’m calling it a 0.5 draft now, that gives me much more room to be rough and not use perfectionism as an excuse for procrastination). In this post, I thought I would elaborate a bit more on it. First,Continue reading “Moonlake’s Writing updates (6)”

Jigsaw Puzzles, Writing and Me

So I just came back from my holidays and I wanted to write about something a little different from my usual focus: jigsaw puzzles. Actually, it was one of my childhood hobbies that I only recently picked back up. So what has it got to do with writing at all? Well, jigsaw puzzles: Trained myContinue reading “Jigsaw Puzzles, Writing and Me”