Writer’s Achievement Diary- 30 April 17

Okay, so I’m starting yet another blog series to document my weekly progress. This time, it’s for a brand new novel series and now I’m just outlining book 1. I want to trial doing more comprehensive outlines which means that I’m considering a multi-round progress and I’m still on round 1. My intention is toContinue reading “Writer’s Achievement Diary- 30 April 17”

Official website for Excursions from the Citadel and closure

I’ve previously mentioned that I’m no longer associated with the publication titled Excursions from the Citadel but for completeness’s sake, I thought I should mention that there’s now an official website for the Excursions: http://www.exftc.com/. It is very unlikely that you have become a fan for this anthology series through this particular blog but on the off chanceContinue reading “Official website for Excursions from the Citadel and closure”

Progress Tracker on Thread (5)

Firstly, I’m back! And I thought I should sum this mini-blog series up before I move onto something else. The short is that I finished the first draft for this project on time or at least I said I finished on time. By this, I mean that I skipped over a chunk of the sectionContinue reading “Progress Tracker on Thread (5)”