Writer’s Achievement Diary- 30 April 17

Okay, so I’m starting yet another blog series to document my weekly progress. This time, it’s for a brand new novel series and now I’m just outlining book 1. I want to trial doing more comprehensive outlines which means that I’m considering a multi-round progress and I’m still on round 1. My intention is to put no time limits so that I don’t rush but then an unfortunate side-effect is that I end up bludging so I’ve started to create a goal of how many achievements on average to make on each day. That of course gives birth to a writer’s achievement diary where I have to mark down achievement on every single day. This idea came to right at the end of April and what you see below is pretty much the speed I was outlining at:

Mon 24/04/17

1. cleared the debt with earlier parts of the outline, can now concentrate on Chap 25
2. tidied up my idea journal and G drive creative folder
3. Made headways towards Chap 25

Tue 25/04/17

ANZAC day holiday

Wed 26/04/17

1. Restructured the alternating plotline to be every 10 chapters
2. Scene restructuring with cascading effects
3. Finished one new scene

Thu 27/04/2017

1. Plotted out rough sketch of Chap 25

Fri 28/04/2017

1. Plotted out scene 1 of Chap 25

Sat 29/04/2017

1. Expanded scene 1 of Chap 21

Sun 30/04/2017

1. Fully fleshed out scene 1 of Chap 21
2. Finished Chap 25

Week Goal: 1 achievement on average per day
Week Tally: 1.6 achievements on average on weekdays and 1.5 on weekends 
Sum story progress: 1 chapter

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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