About Me and this Blog

I am a writer planning to specialise in the niche of Chinese fantasy. I am currently working on my first book of a series that I plan to release together in one go.  I will be mainly blogging about my creative efforts under Moonlake’s Writings and various Chinese lore under Writer’s Craft > Inspirations (as well as other stuff I learnt on the writer’s craft).

I am also a book worm so there’s Moonlake’s Reading Corner containing not book reviews per se but rather quick and dirty summaries of my thoughts on various series, standalone books and authors.

Moonlake’s Goodwill currently consists of Moonlake’s Spotlight (where I share work-in-progress or published work by other writers that I deem high quality as well as other bloggers and websites whose causes are share-worthy) and the Tale Behind Tales where I conduct interviews with those showcased on Moonlake’s Spotlight.

As an aside to fiction, I occasionally blog about Serendipidity,  all that occurred to me that have been pleasant surprises or just right for me at a particular time. Just a reminder of the positives that has happened in my life.

If you would like to subscribe to receive notifications of new posts by email, you can now do so at the bottom of the page via that big red button.

I blog weekly. New posts will appear most likely appear on Sundays for Australasians (or every Saturday for those in the US) but I could be posting at whim too *wink*.

P.S. Previous followers will notice that I’ve finally cleaned up my blog and removed most of the non-writing drop-downs. I will eventually relocate them to a new separate blog but it might be a while before I do that.

2 thoughts on “About Me and this Blog

  1. Fantastic idea for a fantasy setting, I’d love to read it someday!

    I have to say, though, if you’ve started writing then I don’t consider you a wanna-be. You’re a real writer. For me, at least, I find it helps me to be more determined with my work if I think of myself as a writer, and not a hobbyist.

    Anyway, great blog, I’m sure I’ll be back!


    1. Thanks for dropping by and the comment itself. You are the first! Well, I have started writing but I don’t really have ambitions to be published any time soon (for me writing is more of a leisurely pursuit though I would like to do high quality writing which is different from successful published work so…). There is surely something in what you say though for now I find it’s easier for me to write with the belief that I’m just writing for myself rather than using writing to feed myself. I get into all kinds of writer’s blocks when I think about how hard it is to publish, find the right niche etc. But yeah, surely welcome to drop in now and then for updates on my progress and other writing related stuff.


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