Joy is not a trick

The line is from Instructions for Traveling West by Joy Sullivan.  Joy is not a trick. It might not last but nothing lasts. Not truly.  Joy is not a trick. It’s a signal, telling you something is right. Life is good if you are still enjoying something.  Joy is not a trick. Or maybe itContinue reading “Joy is not a trick”

Chinese Lore- A selection of mythical fauna (11)

Qi Tu Physical Description: A bird that looks like a crow except for having three heads and six tails and likes to laugh. Special Properties: Consuming its meat safeguards you from having nightmares and evil. Shen Chi Physical Description: A creature with a human’s head and a beast’s body, only one hand and one foot.Continue reading “Chinese Lore- A selection of mythical fauna (11)”

Moonlake’s Movie Discoveries (4)

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my friends had this arrangement with me where we would watch the same movie once every two weeks and then analyse it in terms of the 3 Act structure. That agreement terminated after 3 movies but we watched Matilda, Romancing the Stone and Hunger Games together under that setup.Continue reading “Moonlake’s Movie Discoveries (4)”

Adventures Aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 24

Jessica came in. “The guard is awake. He’s, uh, pretty upset.” “Guess one of us better let him know his punishment.” I said.  Estella nodded, “I’m kinda busy here flying, so one of you should do it?” Aurora nodded as well, looking over at me, “I’ll go with you and let you do the talking?Continue reading “Adventures Aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 24”

I’m worse than I thought and also better

The starting sentence is from Knee Sounds by Courtney Martin.  I’m worse than I thought and also better. I thought I could bite the bullet on anything but I couldn’t. Yet, learning that I couldn’t and wouldn’t was important. Learning about choice was important.  I’m worse than I thought and also better. There was alwaysContinue reading “I’m worse than I thought and also better”