Chinese Lore- A selection of mythical fauna (11)

Qi Tu

Physical Description:

A bird that looks like a crow except for having three heads and six tails and likes to laugh.

Special Properties:

Consuming its meat safeguards you from having nightmares and evil.

Shen Chi

Physical Description:

A creature with a human’s head and a beast’s body, only one hand and one foot. Its call sounds like a sigh.

Meng Meng

Physical Description:

A creature that resides in water that has a mouse’s body and a turtle’s head. Its call sounds like dogs barking.

Ran Yi

Physical Description:

A six-legged fish with a snake’s head with eyes that looks like horses’ ears.

Special Properties:

Consuming its meat can safeguard you against nightmares. Carrying it on your body can protect against ill fortune.

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