Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 17

I moved forward down a buckled hallway listening intently for any sound. It was not far before the debris piled up was blocking most of the way. I could see the outline of a door ahead but it was buried under junk metal. I started clearing away all the debris so that we could openContinue reading “Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 17”

I was barefoot…

The line came from Forest Fires by Sarah Kay. Mostly I was talking about a fictional self but perhaps because of that, I quite like this piece.  I was barefoot, standing on rough ground. The ground is always rough when you stand barefoot.  I was barefoot, a wild child, running across rough ground, heedless ofContinue reading “I was barefoot…”

Broadening Horizon Reads 2022

Children of the Corn by Stephen King He certainly has a very economical way of writing that suits his genre. But personally I tend to favour longer prose with a bit of flair so I’m not quite sure what I’m taking away from it in terms of technique. As for the horror genre, I don’tContinue reading “Broadening Horizon Reads 2022”

Remarkable Women in Ancient China (14)- Feng Liao

Who is she: The first official female diplomat in ancient China  Notable Life Events: Actual birth date and date of death both unknown but active around the long reign of Emperor Wu of the Western Han dynasty  In 101 BC, she accompanied the second Han princess to be married off to the Wusun king forContinue reading “Remarkable Women in Ancient China (14)- Feng Liao”