Characterisation- Moonlake’s List of Moods

I won’t be able to post tomorrow so I’m posting in advance today and it is about yet another list I’ve created as a result of my 10 by 10 exercise for characterisation, which is on the possible moods that a character typically goes through. ·         affectionate ·         aloof ·         angry ·         anguish ·         argumentativeContinue reading “Characterisation- Moonlake’s List of Moods”

Characterisation- Moonlake’s List of Personal Values

Before delving into the actual topic of this post, I have to mention that I edited the previous post about Catalyst Events and Elements yesterday rather than going with 2 separate posts on the same topic as previously planned. So in today’s post, I’m going to share yet another list I had created that aidsContinue reading “Characterisation- Moonlake’s List of Personal Values”

Plotting with Catalyst Events and Elements

Today I’m going to talk about a particular approach to creating plots- the use of catalyst events and elements, which is just my term for any event or element that moves the story along. Normally, the grand skeleton of a story comes to me of their own accords but I find this catalyst event approachContinue reading “Plotting with Catalyst Events and Elements”

Moonlake’s Lyrics (12)

What is your ultimate pursuit in life? Everyone has different answers. For me, it has always been something internal that I seek so the lyrics that I’m going to share today chimes with me particularly. The title of the song is Extraordinary Bum. It is the theme song for a HK drama whose protagonist isContinue reading “Moonlake’s Lyrics (12)”

Worldbuilding- Moonlake’s Favourite Elements

This post is somewhat inspired by the post of Berkeley Kerr that I’ve reblogged under this same category some months back but compared to his very extensive article, mine is more modest in scope. I’m merely talking about my favourite elements in world building aka things I like to include whilst building my own fantasyContinue reading “Worldbuilding- Moonlake’s Favourite Elements”

Moonlake’s Lyrics (11)

This set of lyrics that I want to share is about breaking up. Moreover, it’s about positive breaking up and that’s what I like about it. It’s from a Cantonese song about ten years’ back. The song title roughly translate to “good start, good finish”. Hugging each other with a smile                     till it’s time to letContinue reading “Moonlake’s Lyrics (11)”

Chinese Lore- Tian Gou (Heavenly Dog)

Physical Description: A fox-like creature whose head is white, said to be originating from a pre-histoical mammal. Lore: Originally seen as an animal that can counter evil, it somehow became the synonym to comets which are seen as bad omen in ancient China. In particular, the Tian Gou eating the Sun or the Moon isContinue reading “Chinese Lore- Tian Gou (Heavenly Dog)”