Moonlake’s Lyrics (11)

This set of lyrics that I want to share is about breaking up. Moreover, it’s about positive breaking up and that’s what I like about it. It’s from a Cantonese song about ten years’ back.

The song title roughly translate to “good start, good finish”.

Hugging each other with a smile                     till it’s time to let go
Let all the eyes on the street                             watch as they please
Pray and then pray again                                    that a sweet impression would be left
Making me feel warm                                          and able to recollect it later

*Having too much to say                                   but not able to connect up in speech
Haven’t opened my mouth                               there’s nothing more suitable for this time
Look fixedly and then look fixedly again      Departure is like this
Calm but long

Looking ahead                                                        see how bright the sky is
Each facing the future with each’s hopes
To love needs two                                                  to separate also needs two
Because of having loved once                            having a good start and finish
Will guarantee a calmness of heart even in separation

Thinking of how ideal it is                                   even my steps are light
Yet I did not expect that in the dark
Two streams of tears have stealthily appeared on my face
Pain have surfaced from within my heart

Did not hasten and chase after the other         to lay the truth bare
I am hurt slightly                                                      but haven’t lost direction yet
Look back and then look back again                   what if we meet again
We’ll still wave and say goodbye to each other

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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