Remarkable Women in Ancient China (3)- Ban Zhao

Who is she: The first female historian in Chinese history, a renowned politician and poet Author of the influential text “Lessons for Women” that is inextricably linked to female suppression Notable life events: Born into the prestigious Ban family (which was reputedly the descendants of a famous philosopher in the Warring State Period) as theContinue reading “Remarkable Women in Ancient China (3)- Ban Zhao”

What my Favourite Characters tell me about Myself

The previous two posts have all been about my writing so I thought I would change the pace a bit by talking about a topic that leans towards the reading side: a reflection of the attributes of my favourite characters and what they show about me.   Firstly, I like a female protagonist who isContinue reading “What my Favourite Characters tell me about Myself”

Sneak Peek: My Tentative Next Series

What?! You have a next series already lined up when you haven’t officially debuted with a single book yet? I know most of you are thinking this but it is true. In fact, if I look at my commercial project list document (to be distinguished from my idea journal where anything goes although the distinctionContinue reading “Sneak Peek: My Tentative Next Series”

Meta Fiction- Han Yu

Appearance: An irregular shaped block of white crystalline rock, on top of which six strings of undefined material lay. Special Property: The strings of Han Yu exudes a slight chill that can be felt if one passes one’s hand close above them. However, upon actual contract with human flesh, they start to exude mild warmth.Continue reading “Meta Fiction- Han Yu”