Random Town People

It’s been a long time since I last shared snippets of my writing on characters and I’m feeling slack today so I’ve dug out portions of my contributions towards an article called Town People which details characters that can be dropped into any medieval town.  Matron Maranisha Hopsham of St. Margaret’s chapel Appearance:Matron Maranisha isContinue reading “Random Town People”

Meta Fiction: Shuang Gu Sword (Double Branched Sword)

Author’s notes: this sub borrows heavily from actual Chinese history and folklore (at least, so far as the legend section goes but a fair bit was just the author adapting real history to her own use). Appearance: It is a set of two short swords (housed within the same scabbard) that weigh approximately the sameContinue reading “Meta Fiction: Shuang Gu Sword (Double Branched Sword)”

Meta Fiction- Han Yu

Appearance: An irregular shaped block of white crystalline rock, on top of which six strings of undefined material lay. Special Property: The strings of Han Yu exudes a slight chill that can be felt if one passes one’s hand close above them. However, upon actual contract with human flesh, they start to exude mild warmth.Continue reading “Meta Fiction- Han Yu”

The Concept of Meta Fiction

I mentioned something called Meta Fiction in my last post and since it’s not a well-known term I think I better explain what it is in a follow-up post.   Basically, I have come up with the following definition for it: it is a piece of prose written in the voice of a fictional characterContinue reading “The Concept of Meta Fiction”