Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 13

I rushed back to Old Scorby for help, knowing that Aurora’s medical skills while a little superior to mine would still be insufficient. Of course, I secured the door as best as I was able while at it. Which was to say lean it in a way that made it look like closed. If someoneContinue reading “Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 13”

Moonlake’s Movie Discoveries

I figured I would do something differently in place of the usual reading related posts. As I’ve blogged about before, I’ve been binge watching Disney and other cartoon movies and I did buy a bunch of action DVDs in preparation of COVID lockdown about a year ago. So this post will be in the spiritContinue reading “Moonlake’s Movie Discoveries”

Chinese Lore- A Selection of Mythical Flora (6)

Bai Gao Physical Description: A tree that looks like paper mulberry but has red patterns. Special Properties: Its sap looks like paint but tastes sweet. Those who eat it will feel full in the stomach and have their tiredness relieved. It can also be used to dye stones and jades. Jia Fruit Physical Description: AContinue reading “Chinese Lore- A Selection of Mythical Flora (6)”

When I was a child…

The prompt comes from Everything needs fixing by Karla Cordero. I had no idea what the piece is about when I was writing it and after I re-read it for the first time, I still think it’s just a collection of random jumbled recollections about my childhood. But now that I’ve come to see myContinue reading “When I was a child…”