Chinese Lore- A Selection of Mythical Flora (6)

Bai Gao

Physical Description:

A tree that looks like paper mulberry but has red patterns.

Special Properties:

Its sap looks like paint but tastes sweet. Those who eat it will feel full in the stomach and have their tiredness relieved. It can also be used to dye stones and jades.

Jia Fruit

Physical Description:

A tree which bears peach-like fruits, has leaves similar in look to jujube trees, yellow flowers with a red hull.

Special Properties:

Consuming its fruits can completely take away tiredness, making you never tired again.

You Tree

Physical Description:

A tree with red patterns and leaves shaped like quinoa.

Special Properties:

Eating its leaves or making a herbal tea with the leaves can cure jealousy.

Sha Tang

Physical Description:

A tree that resembles the Chinese cherry-apple tree in shape, bears yellow flower and red fruits that taste like plums but without the hard pit inside.

Special Properties:

The tree itself is resistant to water damage. Consuming its fruit means that you will never drown.

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