Chinese lore- Pan Hu

I love lore and myths in general and so I figured that I will start a new series of posts on Chinese lore that I’ve collated and manually translated across to English. My followers and other readers can read it for inspiration or just for entertainment. Anyway, it will be stored under the Inspiration sub-categoryContinue reading “Chinese lore- Pan Hu”

Moonlake’s Lyrics (8)

Today’s lyrics is one that I like because of its “empowering women” theme. The chorus sort of turns the direction a little towards love because it is the theme song of a HK TV drama. Its title translates to “Mere (little) women, half the sky” Don’t laugh at me for thinking like a man LoftyContinue reading “Moonlake’s Lyrics (8)”

Tricks for overcoming Writer’s Block

I haven’t found much time to write today so today’s post will have to be a shortie. I’ve decided to share some of the tricks I use to overcome the Writer’s Block or being stuck in more general terms. My foremost trick in overcoming Writer’s Block aka perfectionist streak is to always put square bracketsContinue reading “Tricks for overcoming Writer’s Block”

Moonlake’s Lyrics (7)

Today I will be sharing a set of lyrics that has an archaic Chinese theme for no other reason besides that I personally like it. Others might or might not be able to use it as an inspiration prompt. Also, my translation might be somewhat off given the archaic theme but I did my best. ToContinue reading “Moonlake’s Lyrics (7)”

Moonlake’s Lyrics (5)

Today I’m going to share the lyrics of another classic aka old Cantonese song that is inspiring. The title of the song translates to “Wide sea and broad sky”, a term used to describe how open and wide nature (the world) is. Today I                 watch the snows drift by on a cold night DriftContinue reading “Moonlake’s Lyrics (5)”

Random writing (13)

Prompt used: “Wolf-teeth moon          She looks habitual I raise the cup                    drain it of all the wind and snow Who tipped over the cupboard of the past life   enticing dust and quarrels The hymn of Fate            numb reincarnations You frown                           cry for the youth that will not return when called Although history has already becomeContinue reading “Random writing (13)”