Moonlake’s Lyrics (8)

Today’s lyrics is one that I like because of its “empowering women” theme. The chorus sort of turns the direction a little towards love because it is the theme song of a HK TV drama. Its title translates to “Mere (little) women, half the sky”

Don’t laugh at me for thinking like a man
Lofty aspirations originally belong to both you and me (here you and me refer to the two genders)
There’s nothing wrong with possessing such
The sky for little women is also broad
Like those for a man

Questioning the right and wrongs encountered while I float and sink in this world
Who can regulate over them? That is
Why I have to be independent
The heart of a little woman hidden within my eyes
Who can guess through it

No need to sigh over the quick turning in winds and tides
I will always give you more encouragements
No need to declare that I only know how to speak grand words
You will see how I make break throughs
Women are born intelligent and quick
Just like fire within water
Will provide help to you in secret
Also can support half of the sky
Distinguish between rights and wrongs
Always know what this world loves

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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