Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 18

When Guppy came in the gunnery deck, she looked like she had scrawled the words “I’m serious” on her forehead. And she looked like that all the way when she was helping out and did not speak one word to me. “Loosen up, kiddo, you need your concentration for the shots.” I told her. SheContinue reading “Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 18”

Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 17

I moved forward down a buckled hallway listening intently for any sound. It was not far before the debris piled up was blocking most of the way. I could see the outline of a door ahead but it was buried under junk metal. I started clearing away all the debris so that we could openContinue reading “Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 17”

Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 16

We landed as before. When I got to the airlock, Aurora was already there with some empty boxes, a shovel and pruning shears.  “Where’d the red plants go? Any idea?” Aurora asked. That’s when I noticed the absence of those red-spotted plants. I looked over at Estella. That was her field.  “It’s night they probablyContinue reading “Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 16”

Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 15  

“I never took Scorsby for the blackmailing type, how often does he strong arm you into doing his dirty work?” Aurora asked with a sympathetic nod. “Not often, really. Occasionally I almost forget he’s there, and then I’ll get some call in the middle of the night.” “Scorsby might actually feel it’s penence, some kindContinue reading “Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 15  “

Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 14

I was almost done with the marinades when Jessica wandered in, rubbing sleep from her eyes. “I am soo sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to crash so hard. That happens sometimes, when I have to use my power to keep someone from dying during surgery. I hope I didn’t miss anything important.” “Someone putContinue reading “Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 14”

Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 13

I rushed back to Old Scorby for help, knowing that Aurora’s medical skills while a little superior to mine would still be insufficient. Of course, I secured the door as best as I was able while at it. Which was to say lean it in a way that made it look like closed. If someoneContinue reading “Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 13”

Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 12

We landed back at the Frontier in record time. Estella parked us near the factory. Guppy was getting anxious, fearing of being nabbed by her old gang.  “As long as you stay at one of our sides the entire time you’ll be safe.”  Aurora  promised her. “Can I cut off their legs if they try?”Continue reading “Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 12”

Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 11

I found some berries and tubers that were growing aplenty in the forest. They looked edible but I wasn’t sure so I collected enough for an afternoon tea for Estella to check back abroad the Xing. Then I went deeper yet into the forest, looking for game tracks.  I found nothing. I wondered if theContinue reading “Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 11”

Adventures Aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 10

“I’m going in that direction to check out that thing.” I said before walking off. Aurora gave me a nod of acknowledgement. “Thanks for letting us know this time. If you’re not back in a couple hours we’ll come searching.” When I got close enough to see the structure for what it was, I realisedContinue reading “Adventures Aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 10”

Adventures Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 9

We decided to dig around our landing spot to figure out why it was bare. By we, I meant me and Estella. There might be a ruin lying underneath the clearing or something else interesting, we figured.  Estella marked off several spots on the ground using chalk, giving me a confident smile. “We should findContinue reading “Adventures Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 9”