Character Sketches (3)

This is the last of the character sketches based on the prompt of Feeling Tearful amidst a Misunderstanding: “I will transfer a million to your bank account right away.” He said coldly and the words reverberated in her ears like a gong. She felt moisture welling up within her eyes at the same time aContinue reading “Character Sketches (3)”

Character Sketches (2)

Firstly, happy Easter, everyone! Not sure whether my followers still remember but at one stage I said I was going to create a bi-monthly commitment to put up short pieces of random writing and one series would be character sketches based on a random matching of a feeling with a catalyst event. As it turnedContinue reading “Character Sketches (2)”

Character Sketches (1)

What I’m using to do these character sketches are based on my list of catalyst events and feelings that I had previously shared on this blog. Today’s entry was based on the following prompt: Feeling Composed amidst the Rise of a New Power. What I did was to brainstorm for 5 minutes on this promptContinue reading “Character Sketches (1)”