Character Sketches (3)

This is the last of the character sketches based on the prompt of Feeling Tearful amidst a Misunderstanding:

“I will transfer a million to your bank account right away.” He said coldly and the words reverberated in her ears like a gong.

She felt moisture welling up within her eyes at the same time a mass of weight materialised within her chest. Here her reflex took over and she inhaled deeply. That made the weight within her chest curl into a little ball and pressed this ball down within her body until she couldn’t feel it anymore. It also arrested the tear drops where they were. She was not going to give satisfaction to one who could so wrong her as him. Not in this way.

She felt outraged. How could her? What had she said? Merely that being able to physically roll in money won’t be bad, and that only in a joking voice, and he threw money in her face like that? How dare he!

To be honest, I had great difficulty with this particular combo and while this exercise was supposed to be impromptu in nature and the whole passage should be written in a single train trip, I had such a difficult time writing up this passage that it ran over two train trips. I think there are some awkward expressions above that I can’t even fix when I’m typing this now so ah well.




Character Sketches (2)

Firstly, happy Easter, everyone!

Not sure whether my followers still remember but at one stage I said I was going to create a bi-monthly commitment to put up short pieces of random writing and one series would be character sketches based on a random matching of a feeling with a catalyst event. As it turned out, I only created three character sketches before I lost interest in the exercise. Below is the second of these character sketches based on a prompt of Feeling Safe amidst an Avalanche:

A white torrent rushed inevitably towards us, certain to subdue us under its icy embrace forever. Yet, in this moment, I felt suffused by a pleasant warmth. Like lying under a down blanket covered over by two other light blankets- an absolute heaven of feathery softness- on a winter night. It reminded me of my childhood, lying thus in his arms. I had a happy childhood- carefree, secure in my happiness through ignorance. Oh yes, life was much simpler when I knew little and cared little. There wasn’t the mad scramble back then of trying to meet up to the expectations of lots of people, of pleasing all except myself. I didn’t what happened as I grew up but one day, I suddenly woke up and found that I couldn’t recognise myself from who I was, who I always thought I was. And ever since, I’ve felt so tired. It is a tiredness in my bones and I carry it with me whenever I’m awake. I dream of changing back to myself constantly and that only made matters worse for me. It conspired to keep me awake at night and I got more tired. But now this, my end is come and I feel that I’m finally home. Yes, this is where I belong and the thought soothed me like a lullaby

Creative-life-wise, I’m taking advantage of the Easter break to get back into writing. I’m currently writing one of the six short stories I have planned for this year, a solo piece while my collaborator is working on the first draft of one of our collab pieces at the same time. Both are for the Excursions from the Citadel and I will release more details closer to the publication data of issue 2 *wink*

P.S. I’ve created my author page on Goodreads and if anyone wants to drop me a question about the Excursions from the Citadel, you are more than welcome to do so between now and May.

Character Sketches (1)

What I’m using to do these character sketches are based on my list of catalyst events and feelings that I had previously shared on this blog.

Today’s entry was based on the following prompt: Feeling Composed amidst the Rise of a New Power. What I did was to brainstorm for 5 minutes on this prompt and then I took the direction that could most show off an emotion in a dramatic way. It was a bit of unfortunate thing that my first attempt was based on the feeling of composed (which I see as a very mild feeling) but I compensated for it by choosing to write about someone who was composed in the situation of the rise of a new power but then had his composure cracked.

Below is the actual snippet:

“Do you know that the new Duke of Uprowe…..”

I listened to the waves of gossip floating around me and felt only disdain. Those idiots, they should have stood as a bystander like I did and bided their time rather than jumping headlong into the harebrained schemes concocted by the two imbeciles Henry and Roland. And now look where that left them? Scrabbling madly when an upstart came forth to annihilate the two imbeciles.

Just then, the buzz around me suddenly fell silent. I looked up and saw that a man dressed fashionably for court was approaching ahead of his two attendants. It just happened that his face was shrouded by the dusk lighting from where I was standing and when it finally emerged into my vision, I felt cold sweat developing on my forehead. How could this be? I’d only glimpsed him once when I pulled out my sword from his limp body. But there could be mistaking it: this upstart was the son of my once mortal enemy, who I had thought died alongside with his repugnant father, at none other than my own hands!

Doing a bit of post-writing analysis myself, I think that my signature of getting inside of character heads (to coin my beta reader) is still running dominant in the snippet above. This does water down the strength of the emotion in this scene. As for more, I can’t judge for myself. So what are your thoughts?