Adventure Aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 25

I sat down next to the Old Boy inside the booth. Estella sat down next to me and started playing with her ring.  The bartender swung by a moment later, setting a beer in front of Scorsby. She then looked questioningly at us.  “Scotch whiskey,” I ordered.  “I’ll have a pina colada, extra ice.” EstellaContinue reading “Adventure Aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 25”

Re-reading Books: Memories are always wrong?

Anyone who has followed up for a while should know that I’m whimsical when it comes to reading (well, writing also but less so in recent years given my focus on novel writing). So from last year to this year, I’ve revisited two fantasy works I knew I had definitely read before. I think IContinue reading “Re-reading Books: Memories are always wrong?”

2 week NZ itinerary without a car in 2023- Week 1

Since I freshly came back from New Zealand I thought I would deviate from the norm and do a post on my recent trip. I mean, I’ve been benefiting from the shared online itineraries so I might as well contribute one of my own. Plus, this one includes recommendations on gelato. Who can resist that?Continue reading “2 week NZ itinerary without a car in 2023- Week 1”

Remarkable Women in Ancient China (17)- Wang Cong Er

Who is she?  Notable Life Events: Why is she remarkable: Moonlake’s thoughts on her:  She is clearly a capable woman and military commander and with spirit to boot (or at least that is how her suicide is perceived as exhibiting). I don’t have much other thought to add to that. Wikipedia reference: