Remarkable Women in Ancient China (17)- Wang Cong Er

Who is she?  Notable Life Events: Why is she remarkable: Moonlake’s thoughts on her:  She is clearly a capable woman and military commander and with spirit to boot (or at least that is how her suicide is perceived as exhibiting). I don’t have much other thought to add to that. Wikipedia reference:

Remarkable Women in Ancient China (10)- Wen Xiu

Who is she: Once concubine to the Last Emperor of China Puyi, otherwise known as Consort Shu or the Good-hearted Consort Notable Life Events: Born on 20th of December, 1909, to a Mongolian family that was part of the Manchurian Eight Flag army  Entered Puyi’s Court at the age of 12 as Consort Shu (itContinue reading “Remarkable Women in Ancient China (10)- Wen Xiu”