Re-reading Books: Memories are always wrong?

Anyone who has followed up for a while should know that I’m whimsical when it comes to reading (well, writing also but less so in recent years given my focus on novel writing). So from last year to this year, I’ve revisited two fantasy works I knew I had definitely read before. I think I might have alluded to this in prior Book Discovery posts, even. 

Anyway, on both occasions I was definitely wrong about what I remembered. On the first instance, I remembered one scene/chapter to be absolutely goosebump inducing but after I finished reading the scene it was completely mild, so much that I wondered if I had mixed it up with another book that I was reading around the same time (I was reading books back to back during high school/undergrad study in uni). On the second occasion recently, nothing I remembered about the Lyonesse series turned out to be true. I thought it was about a character whisked from historical England or nearby to the fictional Lyonesse but there was no whisking at all- all the characters were from Lyonesse and the surrounding lands. I thought the book started slowly until a famous wharf scene when the character was whisked away and obviously since there is no whisking, there is no wharf scene. The only thing I had gotten right was that the book started slowly. But I mean, the book was written in the 80s or something. Back then, not every book had a break-neck pace nor do people deem that it’s a necessary thing. 

Feel free to share experiences where you remembered books perfectly or imperfectly wrong in comments below. 

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