Moonlake’s Lyrics (6)

For my 2nd post of today, I would share the lyrics of another song also by the title of “Wide sea and broad sky”. This one is in Mandarin and a newer song. Personally, I like the other one slightly more (probably because it’s in my mother tongue and anyway I like old songs more). Both are rock songs but the other one is more soft rock, I guess. Anyway, both songs have a similar theme.

I have once suspected                                                   I am walking in a desert

No matter what dream I sowed                                it never grew to fruition

I have barely opened my wing                                   when the wind turned silent

Being used to injuries and hurts                                                is that considered a gain

Fortunately for me                                                          I have never turned back

Finally I discover                                                               that truly there are oases

Having shed sweats                                                        life becomes profound/dignified

Only after walking through dejection can one see a new universe

# Wide sea and broad sky                                            after having been courageous

Have to use dedication                                                  to break the lock of destiny

Those who are callous                                                   thank you for having looked down on me

You make me learn how to not lower my head  living more spectacularly

In front of the window in the small hour                               after losing sleep for the whole night

Seeing the dawn                                                              already rising its head from the clouds

The sunset is lying low (as in the process)             The sunrise is the ripening

If it is light then it would be brilliant for sure

Repeat #

Wide sea and broad sky                                                                after wild wind and heavy draught

Turning back my head                                                    smiling and letting go of past sadness

Those who understand me best                                               thanks for silently accompanying me all this way

Letting me have good stories to tell

Watching the future                                                       arriving step by step

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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