Random writing (13)

Prompt used:

“Wolf-teeth moon          She looks habitual

I raise the cup                    drain it of all the wind and snow

Who tipped over the cupboard of the past life   enticing dust and quarrels

The hymn of Fate            numb reincarnations

You frown                           cry for the youth that will not return when called

Although history has already become dust           my love is not snuffed out”

She’s used to the colour of the moon now, desolate, rusty, somewhat unappetizing, like the ruins of a forgotten dynasty. I raise my cup in toast to her, draining the liquid within in a single gulp. It tasted slightly bitter, like a path well-worn through the pounding of wind and snow must have felt. I glance at her again and wonder who was it that stumbled into the storage chest of the last Reincarnation and scattered all its content hither and thither, letting loose a storm of dust motes and strife. Here the hymn of Fate starts again but after being numbed by numerous reincarnations, it falls on deaf ears. I glance at her again and retreat quietly into a corner to brood.

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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