Moonlake’s Lyrics (10)

I had been sick for the last week so skipped the Friday post last week and the post yesterday. I got better but then it got worse again and I’m still very much plagued by a blocked nose so I’ve decided that the make-up post for last Friday will have to come later. Today’s lyrics is the theme song of a HK drama that is back in the 90s. It is yet another archaic Chinese themed song given that the series itself is set in ancient China in the Qing dynasty (or the last dynasty, the one ruled by Manchurians).

The title of the song is “The thought of love will forever endure”

The love of white clouds has used up everything I owned this life

Mending the mistake made by the grey sky at this moment

Even if I turn back            there is anything left except for a waft of clear wind

I am willing to clear the worries of the world

The whole of this life of mine is not enough to pay back this love

How come we meet amidst beacon smoke?

Raising my head in righteousness             leaving the love within my heart

Silently stepping towards fire                     crying within my heart

Within the millions of populace there is endless worries and difficulties

Let me take all the sadness or pain

My devotion will always hold despite waves of fierce flame

Within darkness there is destined to be dawn

Even if I turn to ashes                                    my dreams would be as they were

The thought of love will forever endure

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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