Moonlake’s Lyrics (12)

What is your ultimate pursuit in life? Everyone has different answers. For me, it has always been something internal that I seek so the lyrics that I’m going to share today chimes with me particularly.

The title of the song is Extraordinary Bum. It is the theme song for a HK drama whose protagonist is an advisor to the Emperor in the Qing dynasty but who acts like a bum most of the time (in the story, the protagonist doesn’t have an official rank but goes by the title of “personal assistant” of the Emperor). Of course, it is wholly made-up without making use of any historical reference whatsoever but I rather like the central theme of the drama and the theme song which is really about having low desires of fame and status.

The actual lyrics is as follows:

*Not greedy for rise in official ranks and the attainment of nobility
Haven’t seen such achieving anything
Maybe a bum is bound to be looked down upon
Never sought to outshine you                   with endless depth in terms of handling affairs

Don’t laugh at me                                            I no longer have the heart for competition
Only one leisurely like me                            can discover love
If one does not have the inborn ability for leisure
Who would know how to let go

Don’t be envious of working for the Emperor
Maybe it’s ultimately a dream
Not greedy of fame and the claiming of accomplishments (*here specifically referring to those that allow one to climb up in status)
Inappropriately dream of riding phoenixes and dragons

If you’re arrogant of inborn intelligence and show off your prestige
Maybe you will be ultimately fooled
Only one wise can think through (fame and status)

Repeat *

Notes: riding phoenixes and dragons is a term that refers to climbing up in rank, specifically through sucking to those already in a high position

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