Broadening Horizon Reads 2022

Children of the Corn by Stephen King

He certainly has a very economical way of writing that suits his genre. But personally I tend to favour longer prose with a bit of flair so I’m not quite sure what I’m taking away from it in terms of technique. As for the horror genre, I don’t foresee myself adding it to my reading list. 

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford by Ron Hansen

This is the first novel of my Broadening Horizon Reads that I had DNFed and I’m not sure if I’m considering reading another Western this year. I mean, I’m not interested in romance normally and I think I picked this explicitly because this isn’t Western romance while a lot of the Western novels I pruned from a list of great Western novels are romance. I guess I’m going to wait and see about my personal whims. 

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