Forgive yourself

The jump-off line comes from A Course In Miracles by Megan Freitag. 

Forgive yourself the words of retort that you were too slow to say. Forgive yourself the fear and helplessness behind the dignity maintained in front of the public which everyone else saw as silence and passiveness. Forgive yourself the sleepless nights in which you had thought unspeakable thoughts. Forgive yourself the bursts of memories you had rather remained forgotten. Forgive yourself what you had failed to deliver to yourself or others. Forgive yourself the yesterdays you could have used in a different way, to a different end. Forgive yourself the anguish you once felt about being abandoned by that someone. Forgive yourself the treasures of your childhood that you had cast aside over the years until you no longer remembered let alone treasured them. Such was life. Things kept losing significance as we aged. Time wrote different meanings into things old and new. 

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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