Words hurt

Recently, I’ve had a first hand experience of how words hurt though of course I didn’t do anything so dramatic but I admit to not being on my best behaviour. It’s more or less over with me now but I still feel for the original author who wrote this. Secondly, during this incident that I’m referring now, me and the other person have been alternating between aggressor and victim and now I think that both of us should have read this post.


On July 3,2016 I made the worse decision of my life. I decided to take my own life.

My little family and I were in Pierre, SD for my husband’s rodeo. We were having a great time, until a small dispute between my husband and I came about. We argued on whether to return home that night or not. During this argument my mother called my husband. I don’t believe she was aware that she was on the speaker phone. The only words that I remember that put a sting in my heart were, “I only tolerate her because of Oakley”. Oakley is my three year old son.

After these words were said, the little girl inside me that had been looking for love, acceptance, and appreciation from my own mother died that night. Right then and there is when I knew what I was going to do. My son…

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