Live and Let Live (3)

As promised, the belated snippet #3:


“What is the ultimate purpose of education? To get a paying job…” Next she’s going to tell me about why the career I’m thinking would not provide me stable pay etc. Every time I wanted to discuss a possible area to head in that I might be interested, she would start picking faults with it and pull out real life examples that she had sussed out. I’m getting tired of her games. She’s been doing it my whole life, subtly influencing the direction of my life. Whenever I mentioned something that’s contrary to how she wants me to live, she would offer ‘advice’. And if I don’t heed her advice, she would start arguments with me and otherwise ‘insinuate’ her thinking into me in everyday life. I don’t know whether she knows that I’ve known her game all along but maybe she doesn’t care as long as she got her way. Oh yes, she always got her way, up until now. Now I’m just so sick of the way that she’s been manipulating me that I no longer whether I would lose her affection if I go against her anyway. I don’t even want to listen to her ‘advice’ anymore, her advice that is dressed up all nicely in rationality and practicality. I don’t care about those anymore, they aren’t me, or at least, not all of me.

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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