Writer’s Achievement Diary- 11 June 2017

Mon 5/06/2017

1. Chap 17 done

Tue 6/06/2017

1. Scene 1, chap 18

Wed 7/06/2017

1. Chap 18 done

Thu 8/06/2017

1. Expanded scene 2 of Chap 18, tagged on a little more events to fill it up so that it can stand on its own
2. Scene 1, chap 19

Fri 9/06/2017

1. Rough gist of rest of chap 19

Sat 10/06/2017

1. Refinement of scene 3, chap 19

Sun 11/06/2017

Down with cold. Took a day off.

Week Goal: 1 achievement on average on weekdays and 2 on weekends. Up to Chapter 20 outlined (3.5 chapters).
Week Tally: 1.2 achievement on average on weekdays and 1 on weekends
Sum story progress: 2.5 chapters
Against last week: The cold interfered with my progress but it’s still fair, didn’t reach the assigned week goal but moved ahead compared to last week.

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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