Writer’s Achievement Diary- 18 June 2017

Mon 12/06/2017

Long weekend plus still down with cold so took a day off.

Tue 13/06/2017

  1. Scene 1, chap 20

Wed 14/06/2017

Doc appointment day, took it off

Thu 15/06/2017

Resting at home to recover from sickness

Fri 16/06/2017

  1. Relocated part of a scene to later

Sat 17/06/2017

  1. Chap 20 done

Sun 18/06/2017

Took a day off, indecision over how to proceed after catching a bug in timing of events.

Week Goal: Up to Chapter 20 outlined (1 chapter).

Week Tally: 0.4 achievement on average on weekdays and 0.5 on weekends

Sum story progress: 1 chapter

Against last week: Still recovering from cold so don’t expect much progress. But did manage this week’s goal so that’s fair progress.

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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