Moonlake’s Lyrics (14)

Originally, I was meant to post the 4th snippet for the Live and Let Live series. However, I was struggling with the last snippet already so I need time to think about how to proceed with it. So today I will post another lyric. This time I will posting an old song from a quite famous Mainland female singer called Faye Wong and it’s one of her more famous songs. The title of the song is “Red bean”. She actually sings the Cantonese version as well but I didn’t really like that one. For me, the attraction of this particular version was the match between the tune and the lyrics- the two just seems to go together perfectly. Firstly, however, I just want to add an aside about the song title- red bean in Chinese is also referred to as the Bean of Lovesickness which comes from a reference to read beans used in this poem written in ancient times on the theme of love.

The lyrics goes as follows:

Haven’t yet really felt how it is like in the weather*when snow flowers bloom (i.e. cold weather)
When we shake together we will better understand what is tenderness
Haven’t yet walked through deserted sand hills while holding hands with you
Maybe after that we will learn how to cherish longevity/forever

*Sometimes      sometimes
I would believe that everything has an end
Meeting and parting       have their own times
Nothing would be deathless

But sometimes I
Would rather choose to not let go
And wait until you’ve seen enough sights
Maybe then you will stay with me to watch the sight of *a small creek leisurely flowing by

Haven’t yet simmered red beans (lovesickness) enough and made them into a lingering wound for you
And then partaking of it (the red bean stew) together would make us better understand the sadness in lovesickness
Haven’t yet really felt the tenderness in kissing whilst awake
Maybe it is because you are besides me that you pursue the freedom in being alone

Repeat * two times

Moonlake’s Lyrics (13)

I haven’t posted one in ages and since I’m feeling too slack today (or rather let’s say I spent a long time on Hangout today), I’m doing today’s post on another set of song lyrics. This one is fairly deep. I can’t say that I’ve experienced all of the things talked about in the song but I’ve certainly saw enough of them in books and on TV to be moved by the lyrics. The title of the song is called “Exist”.

The lyrics is as follows:

How many people are walking but in effect trapped where they are?
How many people are living but it is as if they have died?
How many people are in love but it is as if they are in separation?
How many people are smiling but (their eyes are) full of tears?

*Who knows to where we should go to?
Who understand what life has become?
Do I find an excuse to continue to merely live?
Or fly high and keep my anger?
How should I exist?

How many times you are receiving prestige but feel humiliation?
How many times you are crazy with joy but then feel twice the pain?
How many times happiness comes but your heart is broken?
How many times brilliance comes with you seeming like you lost your soul?

# Who knows to where our dreams belong?
Who understand what dignity has been degraded to?
Do I find a reason to be carried along by the tide?
Or go forth bravely and break away from the cage?
How should I exist?

Repeat *(but skip last line)

Repeat #

Moonlake’s Lyrics (12)

What is your ultimate pursuit in life? Everyone has different answers. For me, it has always been something internal that I seek so the lyrics that I’m going to share today chimes with me particularly.

The title of the song is Extraordinary Bum. It is the theme song for a HK drama whose protagonist is an advisor to the Emperor in the Qing dynasty but who acts like a bum most of the time (in the story, the protagonist doesn’t have an official rank but goes by the title of “personal assistant” of the Emperor). Of course, it is wholly made-up without making use of any historical reference whatsoever but I rather like the central theme of the drama and the theme song which is really about having low desires of fame and status.

The actual lyrics is as follows:

*Not greedy for rise in official ranks and the attainment of nobility
Haven’t seen such achieving anything
Maybe a bum is bound to be looked down upon
Never sought to outshine you                   with endless depth in terms of handling affairs

Don’t laugh at me                                            I no longer have the heart for competition
Only one leisurely like me                            can discover love
If one does not have the inborn ability for leisure
Who would know how to let go

Don’t be envious of working for the Emperor
Maybe it’s ultimately a dream
Not greedy of fame and the claiming of accomplishments (*here specifically referring to those that allow one to climb up in status)
Inappropriately dream of riding phoenixes and dragons

If you’re arrogant of inborn intelligence and show off your prestige
Maybe you will be ultimately fooled
Only one wise can think through (fame and status)

Repeat *

Notes: riding phoenixes and dragons is a term that refers to climbing up in rank, specifically through sucking to those already in a high position

Moonlake’s Lyrics (11)

This set of lyrics that I want to share is about breaking up. Moreover, it’s about positive breaking up and that’s what I like about it. It’s from a Cantonese song about ten years’ back.

The song title roughly translate to “good start, good finish”.

Hugging each other with a smile                     till it’s time to let go
Let all the eyes on the street                             watch as they please
Pray and then pray again                                    that a sweet impression would be left
Making me feel warm                                          and able to recollect it later

*Having too much to say                                   but not able to connect up in speech
Haven’t opened my mouth                               there’s nothing more suitable for this time
Look fixedly and then look fixedly again      Departure is like this
Calm but long

Looking ahead                                                        see how bright the sky is
Each facing the future with each’s hopes
To love needs two                                                  to separate also needs two
Because of having loved once                            having a good start and finish
Will guarantee a calmness of heart even in separation

Thinking of how ideal it is                                   even my steps are light
Yet I did not expect that in the dark
Two streams of tears have stealthily appeared on my face
Pain have surfaced from within my heart

Did not hasten and chase after the other         to lay the truth bare
I am hurt slightly                                                      but haven’t lost direction yet
Look back and then look back again                   what if we meet again
We’ll still wave and say goodbye to each other

Moonlake’s Lyrics (10)

I had been sick for the last week so skipped the Friday post last week and the post yesterday. I got better but then it got worse again and I’m still very much plagued by a blocked nose so I’ve decided that the make-up post for last Friday will have to come later. Today’s lyrics is the theme song of a HK drama that is back in the 90s. It is yet another archaic Chinese themed song given that the series itself is set in ancient China in the Qing dynasty (or the last dynasty, the one ruled by Manchurians).

The title of the song is “The thought of love will forever endure”

The love of white clouds has used up everything I owned this life

Mending the mistake made by the grey sky at this moment

Even if I turn back            there is anything left except for a waft of clear wind

I am willing to clear the worries of the world

The whole of this life of mine is not enough to pay back this love

How come we meet amidst beacon smoke?

Raising my head in righteousness             leaving the love within my heart

Silently stepping towards fire                     crying within my heart

Within the millions of populace there is endless worries and difficulties

Let me take all the sadness or pain

My devotion will always hold despite waves of fierce flame

Within darkness there is destined to be dawn

Even if I turn to ashes                                    my dreams would be as they were

The thought of love will forever endure

Moonlake’s Lyrics (9)

Another set of lyrics touching on the archaic Chinese feel, theme song for a popular HK series around 5 years ago. To be honest, I didn’t like it that much while I was watching the series but started liking it when I heard it sung not by the original singer but by the male protagonist of the series instead. It really brought out the archaic feel of the lyrics. The lyrics themselves are not particularly meaningful or beautiful per se and it sometimes straddle the lines between archaic and modern but well,

The title of the song is called “Red Butterfly” and its lyrics is as follows:

Love will not be diluted by a cold wash of rain             will not diffuse no matter how the fierce wind blows

Even In between sad clouds and the moon                 still not lonely

Your eyes that are capable of *destroying cities are more brilliant than flowers and grasses

Yet your eyebrows and glazed eyes show absentmindedness and one filament of lament

*Flowing water clearly shows us through                        even paved with wind and snow the road on the way will be bright

A dark grey sky                                                               love gets admiration

What love in the love is considered pure                        you willingly become a red butterfly fluttering its wings

Tasted setbacks enough                                                having a bleeding wound is still not enough to whittle away or destroy it

What love in the love is considered pure                       exerting the utmost effort even if facing despair

Stay till the last together not afraid of experiencing adversity

Drinking merrily along the shores of a beautiful river       playing a tune that carries across thousand miles

The sunset carrying a clear wind                                      already faintly materialises

Your beauty is more beautiful that of clusters of different flowers  but my heart can only wish for it

(The sight of) Red butterfly flying across the sky is very beautiful I will remember it for life

Repeat *

What love in the love is considered pure                        you willingly become a red butterfly fluttering its wings

Tasted setbacks enough                                                having a bleeding wound is still not enough to whittle away or destroy it

What love in the love is considered pure                       exerting the utmost effort even if facing despair

Stay till the last together not afraid of experiencing adversity

*destroying cities= a phrase referring to great beauties, coming about because of known ‘historical’ incidence of a beauty contributing to the fall of kingdoms

Moonlake’s Lyrics (8)

Today’s lyrics is one that I like because of its “empowering women” theme. The chorus sort of turns the direction a little towards love because it is the theme song of a HK TV drama. Its title translates to “Mere (little) women, half the sky”

Don’t laugh at me for thinking like a man
Lofty aspirations originally belong to both you and me (here you and me refer to the two genders)
There’s nothing wrong with possessing such
The sky for little women is also broad
Like those for a man

Questioning the right and wrongs encountered while I float and sink in this world
Who can regulate over them? That is
Why I have to be independent
The heart of a little woman hidden within my eyes
Who can guess through it

No need to sigh over the quick turning in winds and tides
I will always give you more encouragements
No need to declare that I only know how to speak grand words
You will see how I make break throughs
Women are born intelligent and quick
Just like fire within water
Will provide help to you in secret
Also can support half of the sky
Distinguish between rights and wrongs
Always know what this world loves

Moonlake’s Lyrics (7)

Today I will be sharing a set of lyrics that has an archaic Chinese theme for no other reason besides that I personally like it. Others might or might not be able to use it as an inspiration prompt. Also, my translation might be somewhat off given the archaic theme but I did my best. To give it a little context, the song is actually written for a TV drama starring a famous beauty in the era known as the Period of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. For those with some knowledge on this period, this beauty was the daughter-in-law of Cao Cao (a feudal lord having the strongest kingdom in that period and considered a villain but his kingdom was the one that eventually triumphed over the other two). Specifically, she was married to the eldest surviving son of Cao Cao but reputedly she came to a bad end and the younger brother of her husband wrote a poem dedicated to her. In this poem, she was likened to a Goddess of a particular river.

The title of this song translates to Fairy within Water. Its lyrics is follows:

Long river, sunset, sparse flowers

The sad bird within its shell left its land of birth

How could the *streams and mountains be more lovely than you

Your beauty and virtue shower the land

A fairy within water who has her eyebrows lightly done

Wandering in a solitary boat for the sole purpose of having a look

The mortals are just waiting for one smile of yours

A hundred species of flowers are flowering for a thousand miles

Amidst a time of discord               Broken hearted dream

Yet floating shadows like pain but hasn’t started to hurt yet

Flower amidst a time of discord

Used up half of a life but love not yet thick

Love hard to promise                        Broken hearted tears

Begrudge autumn sights for being about to recede but not yet receded

Flower amidst a time of discord

Chasing the flowing waters back and forth alone

Bright eyes like snow that reflecting a true heart

Temporarily ask new rain on empty mountain

Saying farewell to a smile of yours today

Makes life and death leave its own regrets

The wind asks

Does *fragrant grass evoke hatred or not
*1. Streams and mountains also mean the Crown, referring to the land under one’s dominion

2. fragrant grass can refer to women, or rather, women who touch one’s heart, snippet from the Chinese phrase “where in the world are there not fragrant grasses?” that basically means you can always find another love.

Moonlake’s Lyrics (6)

For my 2nd post of today, I would share the lyrics of another song also by the title of “Wide sea and broad sky”. This one is in Mandarin and a newer song. Personally, I like the other one slightly more (probably because it’s in my mother tongue and anyway I like old songs more). Both are rock songs but the other one is more soft rock, I guess. Anyway, both songs have a similar theme.

I have once suspected                                                   I am walking in a desert

No matter what dream I sowed                                it never grew to fruition

I have barely opened my wing                                   when the wind turned silent

Being used to injuries and hurts                                                is that considered a gain

Fortunately for me                                                          I have never turned back

Finally I discover                                                               that truly there are oases

Having shed sweats                                                        life becomes profound/dignified

Only after walking through dejection can one see a new universe

# Wide sea and broad sky                                            after having been courageous

Have to use dedication                                                  to break the lock of destiny

Those who are callous                                                   thank you for having looked down on me

You make me learn how to not lower my head  living more spectacularly

In front of the window in the small hour                               after losing sleep for the whole night

Seeing the dawn                                                              already rising its head from the clouds

The sunset is lying low (as in the process)             The sunrise is the ripening

If it is light then it would be brilliant for sure

Repeat #

Wide sea and broad sky                                                                after wild wind and heavy draught

Turning back my head                                                    smiling and letting go of past sadness

Those who understand me best                                               thanks for silently accompanying me all this way

Letting me have good stories to tell

Watching the future                                                       arriving step by step

Moonlake’s Lyrics (5)

Today I’m going to share the lyrics of another classic aka old Cantonese song that is inspiring. The title of the song translates to “Wide sea and broad sky”, a term used to describe how open and wide nature (the world) is.

Today I                 watch the snows drift by on a cold night

Drift to far away with a heart that is gradually cooling

Chasing amidst wind and rain     cannot distinguish between shadows and tracks

Broad sky and wide sea,               you and I             would they change (who isn’t changing)

How many times              facing cold stares and contemptuous laughter

Never once given up the ideals within my heart

Momentarily absent-minded     the feeling of seemingly lost something

Has already inadvertently grown dim      the love within my heart (who understands me)

*Forgive me for having lived my entire life with uninhabited indulgence and loving freedom

Yet I’m also afraid that I will fall down one day

Anyone can turn his back on ideals

Why would I be afraid that it would just be me and you one day

Still free and self-centred

Always singing my song aloud    walked through a thousand miles

Repeat *

Anyone can turn his back on ideals

Why would I be afraid that it would just be me and you one day

Repeat *